Cain Nub F cigars are a product of a betrothal between Cain and Nub cigars, with both of the sticks being products of Oliva and Sam Leccia. This stick is usually only available at Cain special events, and are presented in a sampler gift box, although they can now be found in some shops that have them in stock online.

The Cain Nub F cigars combine the two masterpieces previously mentioned into one, awesome tasting stick to indulge in at any time of the day or night. It is the most potent and full bodied smoke offered by the Oliva series.

This wonderful comes in a nifty 4” x 60 parejo, or a 4” x 64 torpedo, exactly as the original Nubs come, and they are very handy when carried in your traveling humidor. Making them available to satisfy the craving to pop one out and ignite it whenever you feel the need. These particular full bodied sticks were created with the experienced smoker in mind, although novices have been known to fall in love with them just as much. They are very smooth to the taste and quite rich as well, making them a hearty and robust smoking experience. There are no harsh flavors and no bitterness involved in this flavoring, from beginning to finish it is an incredible journey that will have you anticipating the next time you will be able to indulge.

Once ignited, the Cain Nub F cigar is just dynamite, and as the old saying goes, “dynamite comes in small packages”. The “F” in the name actually stands for “fuerte” which is Spanish for “strong”, and being straight ligero, this particular stick is full flavored and full bodied. Now when you take all of that power and strength into careful consideration, you have a muy fuerte (very strong) cigar.

The journey is made complete as the Nub meets the Cain in these little gems. They are constructed with a special and select recipe of the potent Nicaraguan tobacco, which is a long leaf ligero, blended and beautifully adorned with an oily Habano wrapper leaf. The flavors are captured awesomely with these robust tobaccos throughout the entire burn, and they blend together so perfectly and smoothly. A leather and spicy flavor is the forefront of the Cain Nub F cigar, and it gives the palate a kiss from beginning to the end, and between the delicious puffs there is a sweet toasty flavor that accents the other ones that lie subtly in the background. This is a very complex yet simple stick, and one to enjoy throughout your busy day, or if you prefer to just sit back in the evening to contemplate the issues of your world.

This is one of the most eventful sticks you will ever have the pleasure of smoking, and one that you will also find great as a gift idea for your friends or business partner. Cain Nub F cigars have received some fabulous reviews, with many praising the beautiful blend of strength and smoothness.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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