Cain Maudro Cigars OnlineCain Maduro cigars are rapidly becoming quite a favorite among aficionados, and this particular line can certainly pack a punch. If you prefer a powerful and robust smoke, then you will love the Cain Maduro cigar.

While searching for many note-worthy reviews on this stick, we found the following: They are absolutely gorgeous sticks that have a gorgeous chocolate hue and no discolorations or veins at all. The Cain Maduro cigar has just a slight, oily sheen to it, and maybe one soft spot in its entirety, if at all. The dry draw was noted as having had a very distinctive flavor, building a great anticipation to what an awesome smoke it was going to be. It is strong and very full bodied, with an amazing draw all the way through.

This eloquent stick is certainly quite impressive, with a strength that has no harsh notes whatsoever. It is quite smooth, where most smokers expect there to be bitter notes because of its full body, there is nothing like that, it truly is a great tasting smoke, even before it is lit. When the Cain Maduro cigars are first lit, they have an even and aromatic burn, with the dense smoke swirling around you, reminding you of the quality you are experiencing. This is a stick that invites you to sit back and relax, while the cares of the day begin to fade away.

The second part of this stick brings a chocolate and coffee flavor to the forefront, with a spiciness following close behind, hurrying to catch up. The spicy taste is a mix between black pepper and cinnamon and is the secondary flavor, not at all in the background. At the halfway point in this Maduro, the spice takes over as the main note, and the nuttiness comes into play as the secondary flavor. The primary fundamental flavor that this awesome cigar provides is a sweetness that actually accents all the other main flavors, even in its robustness. This is definitely one impressive smoke that is noted as a real pleasure to partake in.

There is really not one main flavor that bullies its way out ahead of the others. Instead, all of the distinct flavors are harmonious and blend in together to make a magnificent smoke. It is perfect for experienced as well as novice smokers alike. The ingenious way they are constructed and made are what makes them one of the most popular and sought after cigars in the entire industry. The last third of the smoke has a smooth but definite kick that will excite any magnitude of smoker. You will absolutely want to keep them stocked in your travel humidor for those moments when you need a quick break, or even better, for sharing with your friends and business associates. This is also a great gift idea for any special occasion that may be on the horizon. If you want to make a real statement, you could always make up a cigar gift basket that contains some accessories along with a few samplings of various sticks.

These Cain cigars are blended with triple fermented tobaccos from Nicaragua, and the fullness, mixed with the subtle smoothness cannot be found in any other stick, so enjoy the ride of this awesome Maduro, because it is a journey you will never forget.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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