Cain Daytona Cigars CheapCain Daytona cigars come in several different types and sizes. The Double Toro is a 6X60 offering from the Oliva Cigar Company. Just out, these haven’t fully saturated the market yet, so there are probably a lot fewer reviews to choose from than there are for many other lines. This cigar comes in five different varieties, including the No. 4, which is 5x43, the Robusto, which is 5x50, the Corona, which is 6x46, the Torpedo, which is 6x54, and the Double Toro, which is 6x60.

While there might not be as many reviews out there for these new cigars as there are for others, there were enough available to get a pretty good idea of what people have to say about them.

There was some description of them in several reviews as being more flavorful than some of the others in this brands line. It seems some reviewers consider the former in this line to be more focused on the power and robustness, while the Cain Daytona cigar tends to be more focused on flavor interplay and offers something different than the others in this line.

The No. 4 is the smallest of the Cain Daytona cigars. As with several others in the Daytona line are made with only Jalapa ligero, instead of a blend of Condega, Esteli, and Jalapa ligeros as other smokes made by this brand. Some of the flavors noted in the reviews included pepper and nuts. The ash is described as firm, with the cigar having a good draw.

The flavor and body of the Robusto Cain Daytona cigar has been described as medium to full. The wrapper is described as having a few veins, and it is heralded for having good, solid construction. The flavor is described with a large number of different tastes, including raisin and toast. The ash is described as very strong, and one reviewer said it held for an inch and a half.

The Corona that is offered in this line is described as being a little larger than a true Corona on the Cuban scale. The barnyard smell was described as strong. Along with this, some of the flavors included in this description were of chili pepper, sweet honey, and a delightful caramel. The ash is described as having some spots, which was also referred to as having salt & pepper effects, and being medium firm.

The Torpedo was described as having lots of veins and a sharp point. The smoke is described as thick, while the draw was described as great. The ash was described as being firm, light in color, and coarse.

The Double Toro has a wrapper described as thin. The ash was said to be so light that it was nearly white. The draw was described by one reviewer as very easy. The majority of reviews explained that the smoke starts out medium, but tends to thicken as the cigar is enjoyed.

With so many new Cain Daytona cigars to choose from, you will certainly be able to find the right one for your particular preference. Talk with the people in your favorite cigar shop and see if it can guide you in the right direction.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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