C and C Connecticut CigarFor a mellow, premium experience, more cigar smokers are choosing a C and C Connecticut cigar. A golden tan wrapper ensures that this stogie gets the attention of the connoisseur. Co-created by Joe Chiusano of Cusano Cigars, this premium stogie is filled with quality tobaccos that the consumer would expect from a top of the line creator. In addition to the affordable sticker price, there are three sizes to appease the fans; Churchill 7x50, Robusto 5x50, and Toro 6x52.

Reviewers have had a lot of fun sampling this unique stogie. The golden tan Ecuadorian wrapper is exceptionally strong with a triple cap that held true to form. The initial smell of cedar combined with a light nuttiness heightens the senses in preparation for the total experience. Even the traditional logo and design give this nicely veined stick a character all of its own.

Taking a pair of nice scissor cutters, the partaker gets a stronger whiff of the cedar aroma with hints of nuts. Twirling the stogie gently between the fingers, one feels that there is an even firmness. Even the first light up is smooth and steady. Now it is time to truly appreciate what the C and C Connecticut cigar has to offer.

A nice dense smoke was immediately released with the sweet taste of nuts and cream. There is a slight peppery aftertaste, but the taste is by no means overpowering. The tobacco is quite rich without any type of bite making it extremely smooth on the palate. Even the hints of cedar from the pre-light experience offer a smooth transition into the second third of this fine smoke.

Transitioning into the second third offers the smoker a continuation from the first third. Thick smoke emits from a smooth draw. The cedar flavor gives way to an earthy flavor that is pleasing to the palate. Reviews claim that the C and C Connecticut cigar is better than the average stick with non-traditional tones mingling with the traditional. Towards the end of the second third, anise plays with the senses introducing the power of the final third.

As the individual enjoying the stick enters the final third, the stability and non-complicated flavors hold true. The deepening of the earthy tones still provides a coolness that is robust and continues to remain quite smooth. Even the final draw finds these stogies remaining firm, and the ash does not fall prematurely.

The C and C Connecticut cigar is true testament as to what a premium stick should be. This one does not follow the pack; it leads the pack. The light tan wrapper filled with tobaccos from the Dominican Republic does not lack anything. In fact, this is one stick that makes an impression that will not soon be forgotten.

Reviewers and critics alike are raving about the C and C Connecticut cigar. This earthy stick has consistent and complex flavors that remain uncomplicated. This is a must have in one’s humidor, and would be a suitable premium stick for a novice to try. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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