cigar samplersThere are some things you should be mindful of when you buy cigars online.  Before purchasing either a box of cigars or a sampler pack, try to get an idea of the type of cigar that you actually want.  Consider the three types of flavor that cigars usually come in (mild, medium, or full-bodied), the country of origin, and the general price.  Experimentation with new choices is best done with sampler packs.  

Sampler packs offer you more than one option.  The typical sampler pack has a combination of mild, medium, and full-bodied flavors.  Because they have fewer cigars in them, they are priced lower than boxes. 

There are many good reasons to buy cigars online.  Massive inventory is one of them.  Many websites feature an alphabetized catalogue listing all the major manufacturers, along with manufacturers that may not yet be that well known.  There are popular brands and off brands, and specials and discounts, and cigars that are downright cheap. 

 You can browse these catalogues much more quickly than you can walk through a walk-in humidor.    Cigar store staff is always willing to help you answer questions, but these people only have a limited amount of time per customer.  If you buy cigars online, you can educate yourself with product descriptions and cigar write-ups. 

The product descriptions on these websites are a great way for anyone who wants to buy cigars online to get more than enough information on the basics.  Even a short paragraph will tell you where the cigar originates, what type of filler it contains, and what type of wrapper it has. 

 Many websites like our online cigar shop have even more detailed information than this in the form of articles and blogs.  These articles deal with cigar-related topics, cigars themselves, and cigar products.  If you are a new smoker, reading through this material can teach you many things.  You can also find out what cigar aficionados all over the world are smoking.

Anyone who is on a budget ought to seriously think about the virtues of buying cigars online.  Walking into a store with only a limited amount of time on your hands is bound to make you miss something.  If you take your time and look at all your options on the Internet, you can buy cigars online that are exactly what you want for exact amount of money you feel like paying. 

 This is easy to do.  Just look at the home page of the website you are on, and notice first all the highlighted ads that indicate special deals on shipping.  Free shipping is one of the very best deals you can get whenever you buy cigars online.  Most retailers offer it for special products on promotion, or for bulk purchase orders of a higher quality. 

 There are also many other things a person can buy from an online retailer.  There are cigar accessories like lighters, ashtrays, and novelty items.  There are also great deals on cigar humidors and humidifiers, along with cigar cutters and cigar sampler packs.

All of this adds up to a multitude of choices for individual pleasure and gift buying convenience. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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