Cigar Gift BasketCigar gift baskets are the perfect gift idea for your favorite cigar aficionado, for a birthday or maybe even a wedding present. Men are not easy to buy for, that's for sure, but even though it may seem they have everything they need, they probably rarely receive cigar gift baskets, and this type of gift would certainly last longer than that one special day. The recipient will remember your gesture for quite a while. There are many items found in cigar gift baskets and some of those items are as follows:

Cigar minder cigar clip – When you are lucky enough to have one of these clips for your favorite cigar, there will no longer be a worry of them being crushed or lost. These clips will easily attach on to any golf cart with a smaller clip attached to it that gently holds your elite cigar. They can also be clipped on to a four-wheeler for someone who loves that activity, or anything similar.

Cigar holders or cigar tubes – These holders are excellent when you don't finish your entire smoke and want to hold on to it when you want to preserve it for a later time. These are also very good for traveling short distances. Having a few of these on hand will help ensure the freshness of your cigar and keep it from being broken or crushed.

Coffee mugs – These coffee mugs have some of the most legendary names on them, including Romeo y Julieta and Gurkha. This is a great idea for the aficionado that also enjoys a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Golf ball markers – Golf and cigar smoking go hand-in-hand, and with these golf ball markers you have an excellent addition for cigar gift baskets that will bring a smile to the face of any avid golfer.

Wooden matches – This awesome item was created by Altadis, and these collectible wooden matches would make a fiery addition to the gift basket, one that any cigar connoisseur would love to get their hands on.

Cigar ashtrays – There are various name brand cigar ashtrays available, including the top names of Chrome, Davidoff and Ashton, just to name a few.

Breath Fresheners – A nice treat for a minty fresh mouth is breath fresheners. They are a great idea to have handy at any time.

Cigar cutters – This is a very handy accessory to have around, and although there are several different types to choose from, the top names include Montecristo, Craftsmen Bench and Savoy to name just a few.

Cigar lighters or torches – These are a must have for every aficionado. And most are refillable and are made from some of the best brands in cigars.

Cigar samplers – There are quite a few different cigar sampler packs available, so there is sure to be one that your cigar buddy will love. H Upmann, Romeo y Julieta, and Montecristo are just a few that are available. Any of these would be a welcome addition to this wonderful gift.

• Gift Certificates – Give the gift that can keep on giving, which would be the gift certificate added to be the “cherry on top” of your present. Cigar gift baskets can be small or large, just depending on what accessories and gifts you choose to put inside. Needless to say it will certainly be the best gift for your cigar-smoking friend.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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