Fragrance Lamp By La Tee DaFragrance lamps and oils can be a nice addition to your existing decor and the perfect personal touch to help transform your house into your home. When you’re first starting out and setting up your own home, all of the decision making may seem overwhelming. Obviously, if you’re moving into a place by yourself, you’ll get to make the decisions single-handedly. If you’re moving in with a roommate, you’ll need to run some of the ideas past the roomie before decorating your space in a wild boho chic style. Fortunately for you, though, if you’re a fan of fragrance lamps and oils, these can fit into your home no matter what your decorating scheme. They are a wonderful option to fill your home with beautiful scents, without needing candles or aerosol air fresheners to do the job.

Fragrance lamps and oils can get rid of odors while releasing a pleasant scent, and all without needing to rely on continual flame. They release a scent through catalytic diffusion which relies on a hot stone and a wick made of cotton. To start the releasing of the scent, you must light the stone at the lamp’s mouth. Unlike candles, however, you don’t have to leave the wick lit the entire time you want to use it. You only need to leave it lit for a few minutes. The heat will be quite high for the few minutes it is lit, so you definitely don’t want to touch the lit wick. Once you have put out the flame, the temperature will be lower, but you’ll still want to take care to avoid it if possible. The diffusion will now help your room smell wonderfully. Remember to stay near it while it is lit and never leave it unattended. When you’re finished, or you need to leave for some reason, you can use the snuffing cap to put it out. A decorative cap can help make it even more beautiful, and help protect people from burns as well. You’ll want to be sure the caps to your fragrance lamps and oils are securely closed when you’ve finished using them. The liquid likely has a high concentration of alcohol, so it’s both flammable and evaporates readily.

You’ll want to make sure when it’s time for refilling your fragrance lamps and oils that you do it somewhere without an open flame, and you’ll want to check the condition of the container before use to be sure it is in good shape. If there are any unfortunate spills, you’ll want to take care to clean them up completely before using the light. You’ll want to avoid filling the lights over wood furniture, and consider keeping a dish under the light, as the oil can damage wood. You may want to use a funnel when refilling as that may help you keep things neater than you might be able to otherwise.

If you plan to use these beautiful and functional lamps you will want to be sure you check the light before each use. Take special care to follow all of the directions and instructions for safe use.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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