buy cigars onlinePerhaps the best place to buy cigars at a discount is over the Internet.  There are many kinds of specials that are always available.  You can choose from boxes, bundles, and samplers.  Online retailers such as make it a point to offer such deals to both the new smoker and the veteran aficionado.  Having a broad range of choices, along with the convenience of online purchasing, makes this the most economical way to purchase bundles or boxes of cigars

Many websites also publish catalogs.  Orders can be placed online, by phone, or by mail.  Many websites provide their customers with catalogs.  People can order online, or over the phone, or they can mail in their orders.  When people buy a box of 25 cigars, the cost of one cigar may be half as much as the cost of a single cigar.  However, when buying a box of cigars, it is a good idea to test smoke 2 or 3 single cigars first.   

A person can buy cigars one at a time online, but that is going to cost a great deal more in shipping than a trip to a brick and mortar cigar store will cost.  There is always something classic movie like about walking into a cigar shop.  Strolling through a walk-in humidor and savoring all those rich aromas has a magic and ambience uniquely its own.  Also, nothing equals the tactile sensation of holding a fine cigar and rolling it between the fingers.   

Also, when you decide to buy a new cigar you have never tried before, it is convenient to have a helpful staff, or possibly even the owner of the shop, available to answer your questions.    

If you want to try several new cigars at once, or if you want to purchase a present for a fellow smoker, buy cigars in sampler packs.  These packs typically have a combination of mild, medium-bodied, and full-bodied cigars.  Whether you are shopping online or buying cigars face to face, it is always easy to find a variety of sampler packs you can choose from.  Not only do cigar shops and websites offer them, but many tobacco stores also care them as well.   

If you are looking to buy cigars as gifts for cigarette smokers, or for veteran cigar aficionados for that matter, there are some things to always keep in mind. 

·         First, find out what your friend, coworker, or relative likes.  We recommend you become aware of both the brand and the label that they prefer.  Find out too, if you can, if they prefer mild, medium, or full-bodied flavor. 

·        A good cigar is sold by people who know about the brands and dedicate themselves to running a business built on character and good service.  Avoid corner stores and mall islands that treat cigars like novelties. 

·         Remember that there are many good cigars out there that do not cost a lot of money.

·         Never be fooled by packaging.   When you buy a cigar sampler pack, get an employee to explain what cigars are in it, or, if you are buying online, email your questions. or email your questions to a member of our staff. 

·         If you buy cigars at a brick and mortar store, always inspect them in the box.  Check for consistency and integrity in wrapping, size, and color. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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