Padillia Invictus CigarThe limited edition Padilla Invictus cigar is a favorite among novices and aficionados alike, and is available in three popular sizes. These hand-picked boutique stogies are comprised of traditional blends by the famous designer Ernesto, and each of these exceptional sticks are a true testament to his creativity. Whether with a fine wine or a steaming cup of coffee, these cigars can complement any occasion.

The stunning Ecuadorian Habano wrapper makes a good first impression. Slight red hues highlight the paper’s medium brown, and small veins accent the wrapper’s oily appearance. Many reviewers pointed out the attractive torpedo tip of this fine stogie in admiration of the stick’s aesthetic. Even the band is finely designed, with a lion’s head at the top and the Roman numerals for 2012 at the bottom.

Reviewers noted that the first impression is not just contained to its look, as the initial aroma is both pleasant and unique. A woody sweetness was noted to meld nicely with harsher mineral-like tones. The foot is filled with lovely note of fresh cut wood, earth and a hint of spice. A straight cut is said to awaken a sweet honey smell that quickly takes charge. The pre-light draw combines all of these aromas brilliantly.

The first third of the Padilla Invictus cigar started off with interesting and refreshing flavor notes according to reviews. A nice sweet, honey flavor mixes with a peppery touch of spice that lingers on the palate. The mineral sharpness and the woody aromas sensed in the pre-light quickly follow. Reviewers state the draw is a touch loose but quickly tightens up well enough. The first third is on the stronger side of medium strength, and the sweetness prevails over the spiciness adding a nice balance.

By the second third, the Padilla Invictus cigar was said to have a comfortable draw that is neither too loose nor hard. The sweetness also takes a step back, giving the lively spice notes a bit more room to tantalize the senses. The mineral and earthy tones also begin to gain in strength. The stick was said to produce a nice white ash that held strong past the one inch mark. The burn is great, and most reviewers did not need to touch up the stick at any point.

During the final third, the sweet flavors were said to come back again and take the floor from the peppery layers, and the woody, earthy and mineral layers pick up in strength. A dark cocoa flavor that stays on the palate appears a bit stronger near the end of the smoke, and the ash clings to the stick even tighter here.

Getting ahold of the Padilla Invictus cigar will require some patience. Very few are being distributed now, and they only come in boxes of ten. However, some diligent online searching should turn up a few to put in the humidor for the future.

The Padilla Invictus cigar is a fine example of what a high quality stogie should look and taste like with its impressive blend and even burn.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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