Bugatti CigarsAfter years of deliberation and careful collaboration with notable enthusiasts, a premier tobacco manufacturer and designers, Perdomo has recently released an exclusive line called Bugatti cigars. The brand name, long known in other contexts for excellence and luxury, is well represented by Perdomo’s choice line of cigars. Aiming for quality rather than mass appeal typifies the business model put forth by Perdomo, and this remains the case even when producing products for other companies, as is the case with Bugatti cigars.

The Perdomo Cigar Company is a US-headquartered business that has been family-run since its inception, and has deep roots in Cuban culture. The business was officially founded by Nick Perdomo, Jr in 1992 in Miami, FL—who himself was a third generation cigar maker. However, the history behind the family trade can be tracked back several decades.

Long before Bugatti cigars and other high-end brands were released with critical acclaim in the last ten years, there was a lot of legwork to be done. In retrospect, one can trace the original impetus of the eventual family empire to Silvio Perdomo in the 1930’s. It all began with Silvio, the grandfather of Nick Perdomo, who served as an apprentice in the business at the well-known factory outside Havana called Cuesta y Cia. Silvio worked his way up within the industry, working for several different factories and eventually earning himself a managerial role at the esteemed Partagas factory by the year 1945.

During his time as an executive at Partagas, Silvio’s son, Nick Perdomo, Sr. had taken after his father and started an apprenticeship at an early age. Upon completing this rite of passage, and aided by the existing reputation of his father, Nick Perdomo Sr. was soon hired to work alongside his father in a supervisory position.

The story of the Perdomo family business wasn’t filled entirely with smooth sailing, however. During the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro, anyone in a public position opposed to communism faced a real risk of oppression from the new regime. The patriarch of the enterprise, grandfather Silvio, was imprisoned for 15 years for holding views that made him an “enemy of the state”. Silvio’s son Nick Sr. fought for the counter revolutionary forces, and nearly died in the process. After recovering from being shot, he made the dangerous but nevertheless necessary decision of leaving Cuba and came to the United States.

At this point in the mid-70’s, the Perdomos had severed their connection with the cigar industry, and it seemed like all might be lost. However, Nick Sr.’s son Nicholas Perdomo Junior was bound and determined to carry on with his father and grandfather’s trade. As a second job primarily, Perdomo Jr. started his company very modestly—working out of his garage and selling out of his car in the first year, while still working his day job.

As the business grew rather rapidly, he soon expanded his operations to full time. Nick Jr. shrewdly chose to always make a robust product rather than going with the prevailing trend of the time toward milder cigars. The line of Bugatti cigars exemplifies such craftsmanship—using Cuban seed-fillers and aged Nicaraguan tobacco. For those that seek the finer things in life, Bugatti cigars offer a unique and exquisite smoking experience.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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