Wrapper: Nicaraguan                 Binder: Nicarguan

Filler: Nicarguan                         Strength: light to medium Sizes: 6 ¼ x 46

Brick House Cigar BoxYou cannot go wrong with a Brick House Classic cigar. This everyday cigar is one that can be enjoyed on a quiet afternoon out on the patio, kicking back in your favorite chair. It can also be the end to a perfect day out on the golf course. Relax in your easy chair in front of some late night T.V and puff on a classic. Really, it is a simple, yet solid, everyday cigar that is without a doubt an enjoyable smoke for everyone.

First introduced in 1937 by J.C Newman one of the oldest cigar producing companies in the United States, the Brick House Classic was said to be a Havana Clear. These cigars were rolled in the United States with Cuban tobacco. However, presently J.C. Newman has reintroduced this line of cigars using Nicaraguan tobacco. This new line quickly hit the shelves in the fall of 2009.

J.C. Newman’s company is a four-generation family business that manufactures and distributes premium cigars. Newman was a Hungarian immigrant who grew up in Cleveland and hand rolled his cigars in his family’s barn in 1895. The company was relocated to Tampa’s Ybor City cigar district in 1954 so that it would be closer to Cuba. J.C. Newman’s cigars are presently sold in 80 countries around the world.

The wrapper is a dark rustic brown color that consists of a nice oily sheen. Recognizable to the touch, the veins in the cigar are not hard, and construction of the cigar contains no hard or soft spots as the wrapper leaf is turned. The pre-lit aroma from the cigar gives off a rich tobacco smell with hints of cedar trailing at the end. It definitely has a deep tobacco flavor. The cigar burns evenly and the smoke that it produces is rich and poignant. The draw of the Brick House Classic is prefect from this cigar. It has ash that is medium gray in color, and it holds very firmly. It produces a fair amount of smoke and fills the atmosphere of the room with a deep woodsy scent.

The nuttiness and earthiness that is portrayed in the look of the Brick House Classic cigar is also present in the taste department as well. The middle of the cigar produces not only a hint of wood, but also a jalapeno and chili pepper type of heat. However, toward the end of the smoke the nutty flavor trails off, and instead becomes a woodsy type of flavor that is very distinct. It is certainly full of flavor, but would be categorized as a medium to full body type of cigar.

Brick House Classic cigars are found to be one of the most popular types of cigars. They are affordable in price, but not lacking in quality. These cigars are the perfect smoke for a day of relaxation, either at home or enjoying your favorite past time away from home. They offer a good quality smoke and will not disappoint. Their rich and woodsy flavors and scent will fill the room and allow your senses to be captivated by the earthy tones that it has to offer.


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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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