Buying a top rated electronic cigarette helps a smoker find the perfect model.A top rated electronic cigarette is designed to provide an excellent concentration of vapor, reliable performance and ease of use. Serious Cigars looks for these qualities in all of the products they offer, even if they don’t have the marketing and branding force that well known products have. This industry is still young, but there are dozens of options out there for a smoker and many excellent models that don’t get enough attention. Some of these are lised below:

  • Ecto: Built into a sleek, black package, the Ecto is available in a disposable or rechargeable form in both menthol and tobacco flavors. The disposable model uses a cartomizer (a combination of an atomizer and flavor reservoir) while the rechargeable model uses a refillable reservoir.

  • Fifty One: The Fifty One is available in a number of styles, including a traditional look that helps a person blend in with other smokers. Fifty One primarily produces disposable cartridges that each produces about 250 puffs of vapor before they need replacing. Like other disposable models, the Fifty One uses cartomizers that connect to a rechargeable battery. The Fifty One’s batteries can be charged using a USB adapter. This top rated electronic cigarette can also be paired with a sharp looking carrying case that’s available in a number of color options.

  • Krave: The Krave is built into a clean white package that looks modern. It is available in two disposable forms. One model uses disposable cartridges with cartomizers and a rechargeable battery, while the other option is completely disposable, battery and all. The Krave is also compatible with a wider range of electronic cigarette liquid in many flavors, including wild cherry and green apple.

  • Ploom: The Ploom has a unique design that includes a mouthpiece and flavor pods that add an interesting visual touch to the device. The mouthpiece allows for more efficient vapor delivery and more comfortable usage. A LED indicator light built in the device body displays battery level and heating status. This alerts a smoker when the device is ready for use. Some of the e-liquid flavors the Ploom is compatible with include hot cinnamon, peach, two types of tobacco, honey and cognac and menthol.

  • Square 82: The Square 82 is a top rated electronic cigarette line that is available in eight flavors, including one that produces no nicotine for people that just want the feel of the device. It is a completely disposable device and provides about 500 puffs of vapor before it needs to be switched out.

  • Vapor Gen: The Vapor Gen is one of the few brands that offer a reservoir that is completely reusable. Instead of a disposable cartomizer, the Vapor Gen uses a high quality atomizer, a rechargeable battery and a refillable liquid reservoir. This device is compatible with a huge range of flavors, including several types of tobacco and menthol, cherry, grape, orange, strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon and a number of alcohol flavors as well.

These devices are among the best on the market, and a smoker can’t go wrong with any of them. Serious Cigars can help a smoker find the perfect model and enjoy their new hobby.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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