Best Cigar LighterWhen looking at cigar lighters, remember that this process is as crucial as deciding which cigar you want to purchase. This is because these types of lighters are quite different than the ones used for cigarettes. Most folks aren't aware of this difference but there is one. When looking to purchase cigar lighters, there are a few things that you need to carefully consider.

Some of the best cigars are constructed with a moist tobacco and this is one very good reason that a cigar should be lit with a cigar lighter. Cigarettes are made with dry tobacco requiring a different type of lighter. This is why you shouldn't use the same type of lighter to ignite a cigar. Lighters made specifically for cigars have a broader flame and the fuel used in them is clean burning. This certainly makes for a more superb tasting cigar.

Are you a cigar smoker that purchases your favorite cigars from your preferred cigar shop? If so, then you are aware that there are dozens of cigar lighters from which to choose. Cigar torch flame lighters as well as circular flame lighters are available on the market today. They are known to be wind resistant and are excellent for the outdoor smoker. Some different brands of lighters and torches include: Atoll, Rocky Patel, Dupont, Lotus, Porsche, Tatuaje, Prometheus and The Burner. These are only a few of the famous brands that are available and these lighters support their famous logos. These are awesome gift ideas for yourself or someone close to you that loves to enjoy a nice cigar break.

Butane lighters are probably the best choice for most cigar aficionados because they use a clean-burning fuel and the taste of the cigar is not altered. This is of the utmost importance for regular smokers. Torch lighters are also chosen because of their bright, blue-green flame with an intensity that can easily be controlled. Whichever lighter you may choose, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your own personal needs. These lighters are readily available in your favorite online cigar store.

Even after distinguishing what type of lighter you want, you will be able to find one that will complement your personality. There are collector's editions on the market today that have multiple functions. Some fun designs include microphones, shotguns, beer and wine bottles, and many other varieties of unique lighters. These are marvelous conversation pieces as well.

Cigar lighters are so much fun and are excellent gift ideas. Give your favorite cigar smoker a gift such as a cigar gift basket and add in a lighter long with their favorite stick. If you need an additional gift idea, you could opt to also purchase a lighter case to compliment your original lighter. You can find many colorful and artful choices designed to please anyone. Most come in leather but other materials are also available. Some are made of solid silver, sterling silver. and also gold. You can also add engraving to either the lighter or the case to specialize your gift.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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