Fragrance Effusion Lamp By La Tee DaWith all of the dirt and awful odors that enter our homes sometimes, it is really nice to have fragrance oil lamps around to cover-up and fight those odors. They started being used in the 1800’s in France. It’s no surprise that they originated there, because that is the perfume capital of the world. Before they entered into use in homes, they were used in mortuaries and hospitals. Today they seem to have been resurrected, and they are becoming more popular than ever. They may be made differently than the originals, but they are still fragrance oil lamps. It is nice to know that you can simply turn it on and it will transform the smell of your house. The aromas can be so inviting and soothing that people are choosing to use them for any number of reasons. There is also a cornucopia of scents that you can fill your home with.

There are many forms of air fresheners available on the market today. Some are better than others as it is with any product you are looking to purchase. You have your sprays, your candles, your potpourri, and of course, your fragrance oil lamps. So with all the different choices out there to consider, why would you opt to get one of these? They each have their pros and cons, so read on to see some of the examples of why lamps are a better choice for freshening up the air in your home or office.

They are safer than candles because it only uses a flame for a short period of time in order to heat a stone. After that the flame goes out and the heated stone does the rest. With candles there is always the chance of a fire. You have to be extremely careful when using them. Candles do the trick as far as smell, but you can accomplish the same goal without the worry of a house fire with a scented lamp.

Potpourri does not require a flame at all, which makes it an extremely safe product to use. The only drawback is the intensity of the aroma. It tends to fade away very rapidly, meaning you have to use a rather large amount of the product in order to have a continuous pleasant aroma. The longevity of fragrance oil lamps scents is what most people love about them. The smell does not fade at all. In fact, the only time you will run out of the aroma is when you run out of oil. The great thing about that is all you have to do is add a bit more and you are good to go again for a long period of time.

Aerosol cans are probably the most sought out and used product on the market. They are cheap and easy to use. The problem with most of them is that they only attempt to mask and cover the bad odors. They are not strong enough to actually change the smell entirely. Masking the odor is never a good idea as it can actually make the odors worse when it is mixed with a perfume. Fragrance oil lamps actually help eliminate the odors in the air, whether they are from smoking your favorite cigar, or that wonderful baked Salmon that you had for dinner.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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