Best Cigar Deal Online On Gran Habano Azteca CigarsGran Habano Azteca cigars are medium to full-bodied with an impressive array of aromatic flavors resting inside. Made to perfection by master cigar rollers, these stogies lay waiting with an insurmountable wave of delicious flavor just waiting for someone to open them up and enjoy them to the fullest! Whenever a Gran Habano Azteca cigar is lit, be prepared for the treat of a lifetime!

The Gran Habano Azteca cigars come in three different vitolas including El Aguila (eagle), El Jaguar and El Puma. Don Guillermo would be proud that his creation, introduced in the year 2003, has amassed such popularity among aficionados world-wide. The method of processing the leaves of these completely handmade cigars is distinct from any other because the method used is to press the leaves in barrels and when all the moisture disappears, it is finished. This is what makes smoking an Azteca such a unique experience.

During the pre-light draw the toasty and sweet spicy flavor flowed to the palate and rested there. After lighting the Gran Habano Azteca cigar with your favorite torch lighter, the espresso and creamy spicy flavor burst forth into a toasty puff and with a beautiful and dense smoke that danced around in circles above. The intense flavors tingle the tongue giving way to a very magnificent journey that has just begun. The second third of the sweet and spicy stick seems to dissipate from full to medium bodied with a very bold flavor and unique flavor yet to unfold. Complexity at its finest! The retrohale is excellent with a lot of the spicy sweetness coming through as well as chocolate notes slipping in through the side! The sweetness is what cigar aficionados say keeps them interested because it is very light but full-flavored at the same time.

The second finish has a very fruity hue coming through with a floral character and this makes this part of the excursion with the Gran Habano Azteca cigars a memory to savor! The final third is unique because of the many flavor transitions. The taste and smell of coffee espresso lingers on the tongue, while the fruity spiciness tingles the whole mouth in anticipation of what is yet to come with this surprising stogy. There are flavors here that have never before been described and certainly not in a variety that is also ideal for cigar smoking novices.

The last of the smoke has a buttery hue with the other flavors getting just a bit more full-bodied and yet no harshness at all. The sweetness is complete during the final two puffs and the crescendo of the various flavors is outstanding! The burn is very even and the ash id one of the firmest that has ever been seen. It has been noted that the last retrohale is a spicy one with the sweetness coming up on the inhale until the end of the journey of the Gran Habano Azteca cigars.

This stogy is one to keep handy in a humidor to savor after aging for a month or so in order to delight in the heightened robust flavors. Visit your favorite online cigar store and order some today!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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