Avo Maduro Cigars For SaleThe Avo Maduro cigars are another mild blend from Uvezian’s company. While the legendary jazz pianist is the face of the brand, the man behind the blends is Hendrik Kelner. Kelner is a master ligador and is among the most respected people in the industry. This stick looks rustic but smokes cleanly, a contrast Kelner seeks in most of his cigars. It is also value priced, which is rare for a blend that’s this well-developed.

The wrapper is a Connecticut Broadleaf. The Avo Maduro cigars use the same binders and fillers that are in Uvezian’s Classic line, both from the Dominican. The tobaccos in this stogie are produced in the Cibao Valley. This part of the Dominican Republic is believed to be one of the best places for growing tobacco in the country. The wrapper is chocolate brown and has a rustic appearance. It is rough to the touch and thick. The band is silver, gold and black. It features the company logo, which is the interlocked ‘A’ and ‘V’ amid gold ornamentation. It is available in six vitolas, including Corona Extra (4 3/4 x 48), Robusto (5 x 50), Belicoso (6 x 48), Toro (6 x 50), Piramides (7 x 36/54) and Presidente (7 1/2 x 50).

The pre-light draw is said to be very aromatic, and produces grassy flavors. In the first third of the Avo Maduro cigars, the flavors are similar to those in the pre-light. The dominant tastes are grassy and sweet, though there is also some rich chocolate in the background. Some reviewers also detected some earthy and woody flavors in the profile. They also found that the smoke was highly aromatic, compared to other maduro stogies.

During the second third the flavors develop a bit more. The grassy and earthy flavors are still present, but they slowly become milder during this part of the stick. The chocolate notes take over in the second third, and become sweeter as the stogie develops. The chocolate is also noticeable on the finish, which is not normally found with chocolate flavors. The smoke is still aromatic, and produces pleasant aromas of herbs and spice.

In the final third of the Avo Maduro cigars, the chocolate fades into the background, while the grass, wood and earth flavors all drop out for good. In their place, a toasty flavor emerges and quickly becomes the dominant taste. Some reviewers stated that the toasty flavors tasted like cereal. Combined with the sweet aromatic smoke, the overall taste is similar to oatmeal with maple syrup. This flavor combination holds throughout the final third of the stick, but never becomes intense. In fact, none of the flavors in this stick ever reach an intense state, but they are subtle and complex enough to remain interesting.

This stick is milder than most maduros, though that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone familiar with Kelner’s blends. The Avo Maduro cigars received high marks from aficionados in both burn and draw. The ash holds on for about an inch, and the construction is reported to be superb. What impressed reviewers the most about this stogie was its aromatic qualities. Some stated that they would smoke it just for that reason.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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