Avo 25th Anniversary Cigar Goes All Out in Style & PackagingThe Avo flair for the dramatic has the Avo 25th Anniversary Toro Cigar bursting onto the scene with an extravagant humidor, packaging, story, and of course, a range of flavors that critics are raving over across the 'Net. This particular stogie marks the twenty five years that Avo Uvezian has been producing high quality products, calling for a packaging that can only be described as flashy. A clever nod to the musical talent of this Julliard student and composer who began playing at age 3, the packing of the product is a grand piano, complete with a glossy black finish to complete the effect. The keys of the piano serve a purpose on the humidor as well, sliding away to reveal a space that can be used to store other accoutrements.

The binder and filler of the Avo 25th Anniversary Toro Cigar are both of Dominican origins, holding together a medium-bodied stogie that is both full of flavors and aromas throughout the entirety of the burn. Reviewers have noted the otherwise thick and small amount of oil that permeates that length of the body, as well as the small number of veins that are present on closer inspection. Other than the generalities such as the brown hue that covers the length of the product, the aromas certainly start off the flavor profile with a mix of earthy, cinnamon and sugary elements packed in.

The pre-draw has been described as just as earthy as the aroma, with some peppery tones sneaking in through the after-taste. The first third of the Avo 25th Anniversary Toro Cigar starts out a bit on the mild side, bringing the aforementioned earthy tones to the forefront. Not to go unnoticed are the vanilla and nutty flavors that can also be tasted in the background, creating a nice compliment and fully-realized profile. The peppery notes that were quite noticeable in the aroma of the stick are indeed, noticeably absent during this stage of the burn, though it doesn’t seem to subvert the flavor profile that the company was certainly aiming for. Some cinnamon flavors begin to sneak into the end of the first third, though the earthy tones from before are still front and center, according to reviewers.

The second third of the Avo 25th Anniversary Toro Cigar continues on much of the same path as the first, keeping the flavor dial closer to the mild side in regards to the power of the flavors being delivered. The earthy tones again are certainly the most noticeable flavors that permeate the overall flavor profile, although the vanilla notes from before begin to take a more noticeable position during this stage of the burn. Some very light peppery notes also begin to take flight at this point, something that has been echoed to be oddly absent throughout the beginning of the burn.

The final third of the Avo 25th Anniversary Toro Cigar has been noted to pack a bit more of a punch in the flavor department compared to the beginning burn stages. Though some of the flavors are noted to be more on the muted side, the earthy, nutty and vanilla flavors from before take center stage and nicely round out an overall great stogie with a somewhat unpredictable flavor journey and presentation.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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