A Turrent Puro Corojo At An Affordable PriceMexican and Nicaraguan tobacco both play key roles in the manufacture of the A Turrent Puro Corojo cigar. The binder and the filler are Nicaraguan tobaccos that were allowed to mature to achieve fermentation. The wrapper is from the San Andres Valley in Mexico.

This particular type of tobacco is one that originated in Cuba over fifty years ago. The family responsible for this smoke has a long history of tobacco growing expertise dating back to 1880. The cigar’s name is indicative of the type of tobacco leaves that are used.

A Turrent Puro Corojo cigars are touted as being extremely full bodied and extraordinarily spicy. One reviewer noted that this is not something that he would recommend to someone who had little or no experience with smoking various sticks. This is something that might tend to be too bold concerning the flavor profile for those that are not experienced connoisseurs. This only makes it more irresistible to those that crave something that is different.

The A Turrent Puro Corojo cigar is offered in these sizes:

• Belicoso (6 1/8” x 54)

• Churchill (7” x 54)

• Gran Toro (6” x 60)

• Robusto (4 1/2” x 54)

• Toro (5 3/4” x 54)

They are available in boxes of twenty one.

The smoke starts out with a peppery note that has a bit of a bite, and is balanced well with a very slight taste of coffee and earthiness. This is the flavor profile that is featured throughout the smoke with hints of a taste such as wild onions and sweet grasses. The A Turrent Puro Corojo cigars are a delight for the avid smoking enthusiast.

The leaves that are used expressly for these smokes are delicate and fragile leaves. With that being said, the stick manages to be quite a hardy smoke that demonstrates abundant flavor notes, and robust bursts of tastes throughout the first, second, and final third of the stick.

The exterior of these smokes have a visibly oily sheen, and a pale brownish colored wrapper. They feel quite heavy in the hand, and they have a pleasing aroma upon smelling the foot. The spiciness is described by some reviewers as being a hot pepper like a cayenne pepper, while others describe it as being a mild peppery taste. One can see that to each reviewer, the peppery notes varied. Just as some people think a jalapeno pepper is spicy and others do not. However, the heat of this stick did not keep any aficionado away.

These are among a long line that is offered by the company. The A Turrent Puro Corojo cigar is one that is sure to please anyone who might open the humidor looking for something special. Being from a line that has garnered ratings over ninety by most sites that offer reviews, these cigars are definitely among some of the best in the industry. Recommended by the reviewers, and given kudos by the shops that offer them should make anyone want to give them a try.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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