Christin Eiora is a man of many talents. He made his name when the Eiora family owned Camacho and turned it into one of the best Honduran cigars in the world. After selling the brand, Christian broke out on his own and has continued to create some top of the line smokes. His name brand, CLE, is a top of the line, refined, classy smoke. However, Christian also wanted to show his wild side and so he teamed up with Tom Lazuka to create an insane new line, literally insane.

 The Asylum Schizo is not something you would expect from an Eiroa. First of all it is a Nicaraguan cigar, where as Christian is primarily known for Honduran. It is an affordable, bundled smoke, quite contrary to the high end Camachos and CLES he creates. It also comes in very big ring gauges ranging from 50 to 70. However, you can tell the work, time and craftsmanship that went into making this cigar. That’s how you know its from Eirora. It is complex, beautifully constructed and bursting with flavor. It has notes of pepper, leather, cinnamon and earth with a dash of sweet spice towards the end.

 What makes this cigar all the more attractive is the price. This is the top of the line, premium cigar at an everyday price, perfect for the aficionado on a budget. Even with the bigger ring gauges, this cigar burns straight and true all the way down. Pick up your bundle of the Asylum Schizo today at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Jan 02, 2019


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