Asylum Asylum Cigars For Sale OnlineThe Asylum Asylum cigars are a premium smoke meant to fully satisfy the palate. This brand debuted this year after Christian Eiora partnered his company, Tabacaleras Unidas, with the co-founders of Asylum, Kevin Baxter and Tom Lazuka. They embarked upon this new venture by pairing Eiora’s tobacco expertise with Baxter and Lazuka’s considerable knowledge and drive to create quality cigars with interesting flavors. The three gentlemen have a goal and a platform to create an independent line of savory smokes that don’t disappoint when it comes to body.

Although the location of Tabacaleras Unidas is in Miami, Florida, the Asylum Asylum cigars are manufactured elsewhere. The brand is rolled by hand in Nicaragua and in the Tabacos Rancho Jamastran factory in Honduras. The Petit Corona vitola is 4 inches long with a ring gauge of 44 for brief smoking sessions. The other three types available are all 6 inches long but differ in gauge size: The Toro is 50, the Torpedo measures 54, and the aptly named Gigante is 60. They can be bought in singles, for the curious sampler, or in boxes for those who always want one on hand for later. One unique aspect about the Asylum brand deserves to be mentioned; rather than focusing on blends that will provide familiar and traditional flavors, the co-founders are more interested in diversifying the tastes of cigars on the market to provide more unorthodox combinations.

The Asylum Asylum cigars are meant to appeal to a broad audience by being affordable with a reliable but bold taste profile. The retail price is appealing at less than 7 dollars per stick. Their convenient pricing does not mean that they sacrificed quality for affordability.The tobacco is a carefully aged Nicaraguan Puro. The wrapper, filler and binder leaves all originate from the same country. A high caliber Puro is an achievement in a business where the balance of flavor is usually achieved by mixing very different leaves from multiple countries. The wrapper is a handsomely dark and toothy maduro. When a cigar is described as having “tooth” it refers to the concentrated pockets of oil that are scattered throughout the wrapper like fine goosebumps. All tobaccos contain some oil, but it is simply a matter of how much. The extra oil bestows an increase in flavor and aroma to the smoking experience.

Despite being released earlier this year, there are already stogie enthusiasts who have tried Asylum Asylum cigars and posted their reviews online. This smoke burns slowly due to the quality of its construction and is laced with darker flavors like black tobacco, leather and coffee. The rich thick flavors that compose the taste of this blend each have their moment of prominence without destroying any nuances. Although not complex, the taste is robust and the darker tones make a flavor transition into a satisfyingly spicy, yet sweet finish. The body of this smoke starts out medium and makes the welcome transition into full before the end. Asylum Asylum cigars are sure to satisfy smokers who enjoy a Puro that has nice tooth and consistency. This is a must try for anyone curious about the brand. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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