Asylum 13 Cigars Asylum 13 cigars are boutique sticks with an interesting combination of rich tobaccos from creators Tom Lazuka and Kevin Baxter. Rolled at a factory deep in the heart of Honduran tobacco country, their blend has been a fiercely guarded secret for a while now. What is known is that it contains some of the finest strains Nicaragua has to offer. Reviewers have been impressed with the flavorful combination.

The maduro wrapper is gorgeously marbled and topped with a single black band elegantly engraved with the name of the brand. There are no obvious defects in the smoke’s construction, and it has good heft to it. It lacks soft spots and veins, and the stogie is packed firmly enough to entice any smoker. The stick’s build is traditional and classy – just a professional, old school look all the way around.

The wrapper’s aroma consists of chocolate, spice and cedar, and the stick opens up wonderfully with a lingering spice mixed with a rich earthiness. About halfway through the first third, most smokers sense nutty and chocolate notes that grow in strength. It is said to be medium-bodied in strength, but has full-bodied flavor.

These Asylum 13 cigars transition smoothly to the second third. The chocolate layer combined with zesty spice takes center stage during this part of the stogie. The ash is thick, straight and holds on for an impressive length of time. The stick produces a generous amount of white smoke that is filled with pleasant sweet and spicy aromas. Near the end of the second third, the stogie starts taking on a creamy flavor.

Reviewers said the final third is very creamy and has a caramel sweetness to it. Always present, though, is a strong, rich tobacco taste that works with the sweeter layers. The spicy flavor has changed slightly at this point and resembles nutmeg. This combination of flavor layers is pretty uncommon as presented, and many reviewers found Asylum 13 cigars quite memorable as a result.

These stogies come in three popular sizes, so all smokers should find something they like here. They come in the robusto-like 50 by 5, a 60 by 6 or a 70 by 7. The prices are reasonable, especially considering the quality blend and favorable reviews. The richness of the Nicaraguan tobacco matches well with the dark chocolate maduro wrapper, and the taste and appearance are premium level.

Asylum 13 cigars are selling quickly at many retailers, and though they may be new to the scene, the plus flavor and well-calibrated strength is making it a rather hot item. It’s a great start for Asylum Cigars, and they have set the bar high for their second release.

Want to purchase some Asylum 13 cigars? While many retailers are selling out quickly, the internet is filled with shops holding on to boxes full of the stogie. That being said, they’re getting bought up quickly online also, so be sure to stock up on them when possible. Have the humidor ready to go, because these sticks are worth holding on to for future indulgences. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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