Origin: European Union    Filler: Dominican Republic

Binder: Central African    Wrapper: African Cameroon, Connecticut Shade

Ashton Small CigarsThe Ashton Small Cigars release was a wonderful addition to the Ashton line of cigars. These little beauties are just as full flavored as their full size counterparts, just delivered in a smaller package, if you will. Ashton Small Cigars come in four sizes, Half Corona 4.125 inches x 37 ring gauge, Cigarillos 3.75 inches x 26 ring gauge, Mini Cigarillos 3.25 inches x 20 ring gauge and Senoritas 3.50 inches x 30 ring gauge. Ashton cigars are made in the European Union. They are also still hand rolled, despite their smaller size. Most of the fillers are from a unique blend of select, aged, Dominican leaves. And the binder and wrapper are made from Central African tobacco. Despite their size, they stay in the medium body range as well.

Ashton cigars started with a dream by Robert Levins. He is a second-generation tobacconist from Philadelphia. The idea for Ashton came from the many years of Mr. Levins’ personal experience in the industry. He was not only an importer and retailer of cigars, he was also a connoisseur of the some of the finest cigar blends that the world has to offer. He created Ashton in 1985. Later, he was able to expanded his manufacturing expertise by joining the world renowned Fuente Family. A prime example of this brilliant merging was the release of the Ashton Small Cigars. Since the pairing of the two, Ashton has become one of the most sought after, premium brand cigars in the entire world which should make them a steady favorite in humidors around the world.

Ashton Small Cigars are each made with Dominican grown leaf for the filler. It is easier to break down each of these cigars individually in order to best explain each of their qualities. The Half Corona has a light brown colored wrapper that is a bit rough looking. Although it feels firm to the touch, just like you would expect from a traditional, well constructed Ashton. The draw is slow and creates a lot of smoke. During the burn, the ash holds together quite nicely. The taste is consistent throughout of a mellow tobacco, with a delightfully spicy finish. The Cigarillos and Mini Cigarillos both have a Connecticut wrapper, and are more mild bodied smokes. The Senoritas have a taste of leathery tobacco and produce a lot of white smoke. There are sweet and creamy flavors upfront, as the leathery flavor begins to slowly build. There are occasional hints of cocoa, as well as coffee, but they remain in the background throughout the entirety of this smoke. It is mild enough to enjoy each and every day if you wish. The burn is good and the ash holds tight.

Don't let the size of the Ashton Small Cigars fool you. They are very much like their full sized companions, but are perfect for the person who wants to enjoy a traditional Ashton, but simply doesn’t have enough time to thoroughly enjoy one. Because Ashton is known for their quality and consistency, you can be assured that you will enjoy the Ashton Small Cigars in those moments that you crave them, yet are short on time.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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