Ashton Maduro cigars are known for their full, sweet taste and complex aroma.  Due to the fact that the Connecticut shade-grown wrapper used to make the Ashton Maduro is very limited in supply, this is considered something of a rare cigar.

The filler and binder are both of exceptional quality, and they are both grown in the Dominican Republic.  The combination of Dominican filler and Connecticut shade-grown wrapper has made this a prized cigar the world over. 

A large number of cigar reviews have noted that the Ashton Maduro is a fantastic example of how fullness is different from strength.   When cigar smokers talk about fullness, they are referring to the pleasure a smoker derives from the taste and the smell of the cigar itself.

This is very different from strength.  Cigar refers to the power of the nicotine content in the blend. 

One of the hallmarks of a truly great cigar is one does not get a severe punch to the adrenalin that could ruin the essence of the moment.  Instead, the smoker gets a smooth, relaxing feeling that goes down just like a neat scotch—or, even better, is smoked with a neat scotch.

A full-flavor cigar like the Ashton Maduro is a sure win with both neophytes and veteran smokers for this reason. 

When an Ashton Maduro is initially lit up, its taste is very sweet.  As the cigar burns, the flavor turns into a very rich and nutty flavor.  One begins to notice subtle hints of apple, and a finish that many cigar reviews have referred to as a detectable, very appealing, creamy taste.

This subtle shift of flavors is as smooth as the draw of the cigar, and is never a shock to one’s palette.  It is present thanks to the fermentation and aging process of the Connecticut-shade wrapper in Sherry-finished, French oak barrels. 

Ashton ages these wrappers for a very good reason.  The intent is the make the cigar wrapper as oily as possible.  New smokers are often surprised to learn that an oily wrapper on a cigar is a not a bad thing.  Contrary to the world outside the cigar lounge, an oily wrapper is highly sought after as a distinguishing characteristic of a premium cigar.   This is because dry wrappers do not burn as evenly, nor do they taste as good.

Not only is the wrapper of an Ashton Maduro of exceptional quality, but the filler is as well.  These cigars are carefully rolled by hand by only the very best torcedores at the Fuente factory.  So expert is the constitution of these cigars that the final product always feels perfectly smooth and firm within the grip. 

It is just tight enough to not fall apart while smoking.  At the same time, however, it is not too tight.  A cigar that is too tight has too hard of a draw, but with this premium blend, nothing can be easier than to draw a pleasing and exceptional flavor from within its truly impeccable constitution. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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