Cheap Ashton CigarsBecause of the dream of tobacconist Robert Levin, Ashton Cigars became a reality in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1985. Robert Levin was not only a tobacconist but a connoisseur of premium cigars. He brought to the table years of experience as a retailer and importer of cigars. Today the Ashton name is synonymous with excellence, quality, and pride. These cigars are renowned the world over thanks to Levin’s vision and the supreme manufacturing expertise of the Fuente family.

Fine Dominican tobacco leaves are used as the filler. They are also used as a binder, which gives these cigars their unique complexity. Ecuadorian wrappers give Ashton a distinctive characteristic all its own.

There are six blends offered at Ashton cigars. Their biggest seller is the cigar that offers thirteen different sizes with a medium taste. It is exquisitely rolled by hand.

There is the Cabinet Selection, which is a limited edition that entails three to four years of aging, before aging it another year to bring it to full maturity.

The Maduro is a dark cigar which comes from fermenting and aging of the wrapper. The unique taste is derived from being aged in sherry finished French oak barrels. There are more than six sizes of this maduro cigar available.

The VSG has been a huge success for the company. It’s richness, potency, and full body provides a nice compliment to the Ashton line. In order to make this cigar, the company partnered with Tabacalera A. Fuente, who in turn helped create the strength of this luxurious cigar, while carefully maintaining the excellence in taste, flavor, and construction, which has always been Ashton’s standard.

The Puro Sol is the first of Ashton cigars to have an African Cameroon wrapper. Because of the origins of this great cigar, it is surely destined to be remembered in the history of cigars as it honors the expertise of two families, the Meerapfels and the Fuentes.

To mark their two decade milestone, Ashton produced the ESG which is a specially designed cigar made by using imported wrappers from their farm. There are now a total of five sizes of the Ashton ESG available.

Connoisseurs of premium cigars have come to expect expert craftsmanship, expertise, consistency, quality and pleasure, as well as aroma and flavor. These amazing cigars deliver all of that and more. These cigars have a creamy yet rich draw that is mild and always consistent in both flavor and aroma. Ashton cigars are preferred by cigar smokers of all types, whether they are seasoned aficionados or novices. Because they offer a unique blend of specially picked Dominican leaves and are surrounded by smooth, Connecticut shade-grown wrappers, they are a certified must have for any cigar aficionado. When it comes to making cigars, Ashton certainly has the experience, know-how, workmanship, ability and the reputation to get the job done. Any aficionado will tell you that they prefer cigars of this magnitude because of the great taste, the bold flavor, and the absolute divine product that Ashton delivers time and time again. If you want a quality cigar, then the choice is simple, choose Ashton cigars for the best of the best.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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