Origin: Dominican Republic                   Wrapper: D.R. Sun Grown Rosado (Cuban seed)

Dominican Republic                  Filler: Dominican Republic

Flavor: Full                                           Strength: Medium - Full            

Sizes: 20 Year Salute - 6.75 x 49;           22 Year Salute - 6 x 52;

          21 Year Salute - 5.25 x 52;           23 Year Salute - 6.25 x 52

Ashton ESG CigarThe Ashton ESG Cigar (Estate Sun Grown) line is a crowning achievement of the 20 years of dedication and collaboration between Robert Levin and Carl Fuente, Jr. that began in the 1970’s. With a wrapper grown at the prestigious Chateau de la Fuente in the Dominican Republic, which has never before graced any other cigar, this cigar was also blended by Fuente himself—a master blender who has created some of the best cigars the world has seen. Ashton released one vitola (size) each year from its release in 2006 through 2010. A new vitola (size) has been added to the line until 2010. From then on, they will release all of the vitolas each year.

A Dominican Republic puro, the Ashton ESG Cigar is the definition of a perfectly rolled cigar. Wrapped within a golden brown leaf, it has been meticulously rolled. Tightly packed with no soft spots, the wrapper has a rich oily sheen and minimal veins. The pleasant scent of sweet hay and rich soil emanates from the wrapper with a little pepper apparent at the foot. The slightly tight pre-light draw has an earthy taste with a hint of rich cinnamon and cocoa, and just a bit of resistance. The lavish band complements the overall luster and striking presentation of this cigar. The label is one of the most stunning in the industry and is a sure attention-getter.

From an easy light, the burn is almost perfectly consistent throughout the length of the Ashton ESG. It produced a copious amount of smoke, leaving a long, stable, nearly white ash that holds prodigiously well.

The flavor of the Ashton ESG is its raison d'être—decidedly wonderful, creamy, and complex; what it is not, however, is easily describable. A distinctly sweet flavor provides the opening movement of this wonderful cigar supported in the first third with mellow taste sensations of earthy, leathery notes with just a hint of pepper. The second third sees a predominantly earthy and chocolaty medley with notes of coffee wending their way around. It is at the halfway mark that the Ashton ESG bursts into a medley so intricate that words cannot describe it. The leathery backdrop is the foundation upon which a dazzling array of vibrant floral, chocolate, coffee, sweet cinnamon notes, pepper and even cedar splashes through at various times in varying amounts. The second third comes to an end with a haunting nuttiness. A rich and creamy chocolate increases noticeably in the final third, even as a sweetly spicy combination of lip-tingling cinnamon and pepper ascends to the forefront.

The Ashton ESG is a deliciously fine cigar from beginning to end. Yet it is not a knock-your-socks-off powerhouse. Instead the taste sensations are more of a “curled up in front of a holiday fire with your loved ones all around opening their gifts in a loving chaos, while enjoying a gourmet meal with your favorite music playing quietly in the background”, kind of deeply satisfying moment in time.

So enjoyable, so defined, the Ashton ESG is a classic smoke. And the best recommendation of all is that non-cigar appreciating loved ones don’t complain about your favorite pastime. Highly recommended, even though the cost may reserve its enjoyment for special occasions. Our online Cigar Shop has a large selection of Ashton Cigars available for your cigar smoking pleasure

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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