Wrapper: Connecticut shade                  Binder: 3-4 years aged Dominican

Filler:   Dominican                                 

Flavor:                                                 Strength: Mild to Medium

Sizes: 16 different vitolas                                             

Ashton Classic CigarsThe history of the Ashton Classic Cigar began when Philadelphian Robert Levin took over his father’s cigar shop in the mid 1970’s. Great things were about to happen in the cigar world. Robert had a goal - he wanted to found a high quality brand centered on flavor. He had an idea, and he had a friend, Carlos Fuente, one of the best tobacconists in the business. With the combination of Fuente’s expertise in all things tobacco, and Levin’s concept and keen sense of business, Jupiter aligned with Mars when these two men became partners in Ashton Cigars.

The celebrated Ashton quality is in large part due to the expertise of Carlos Fuente and family, world-famous premium cigar manufacturers who have revolutionized the industry in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to their high standards of quality and generations-spanning expertise, the Ashton quality remains unassailable, even in the face of the brands increasing popularity.

Impeccably constructed, the burnished gold of the Connecticut shade wrapper that encircles the Ashton Classic is a satiny smooth vision of perfection: minimal veininess, a flawless triple cap, and a well-rounded foot with no soft spots and a satisfying heft. The Dominican tobaccos used in both the filler and binder are all well-aged for three to four years. The cold draw is slightly resistant, likely due to the tight packing of the filler and binder, while the aroma and cold draw taste sensations are harmonious with a touch of earthiness and some piquant pepper spice.

The draw of the Ashton Classic is slightly marred by that bit of resistance from the dense packing, but certainly does not seem to affect the quality of this smoke. Nevertheless, it produced a superbly uniform and razor sharp burn and a solid sheaf of light gray condensed ash. The clouds of milky-white smoke, while not voluminous, were charmingly plume-like.

Levin’s influence on Fuente is especially apparent in the mildness and delicate flavor profile of the Ashton Classic, which is rightfully famous for its exquisitely rich flavor with great gingersnap-like spice with a brief kiss of citrus and a touch of vanilla coffee. The flavor evolves into a very nice nutmeg and fine creaminess reminiscent of Hungarian pastries. A brief, rather staccato mild to medium finish is filled with a harmonious blending of woodiness and the nuttiness of cashews with undertones of a light and spicy aftertaste. The final third completes the concept with a brief return to the piquant spiciness and medium strength first noted in the cold draw. When all is said and done, the Ashton Classic is a standard setting, mild to medium-bodied Connecticut shade cigar.

A clean palate, slow pace, and depending on your tastes, either a flavor-rich cup of coffee or light rum might be suitable companions to accentuate the light, mild flavor and lemony highlights of this cigar. Life is frustrating enough on its own; for those times when you yearn for a quiet bit of reflection, a relaxing drink, and perhaps the company of a trusted companion, you can’t go wrong with an Ashton Classic. It has enough flavor to maintain the interest of the adventurous aficionado, and yet is mild enough not to overwhelm the untutored palate. A definite keeper for anyone’s humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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