Ashton Cigar SamplerAre you looking for one of the finest sticks that has actually made cigar history? Then you are looking for Ashton Sampler cigars. The Ashton series has rapidly became one very popular brand in recent years, and an Ashton Sampler will make the perfect little package with a different rod for every day, and every occasion. You will never have to go without the perfect smoke because in your cigar holder will be a gem from this collection.

Robert Levin created this amazing series, and he focused on making them all with abundant flavors coming from every puff. He always had big dreams, and when he had begun running his father's smoke shop he asserted himself and persevered until the Ashton cigar dream was a reality. He also knew that he need a partner to make his dream a success, so he got together with one of the most renowned makers in the entire world, Carlos Fuente. His legendary history, and that of his family are astounding in this industry. The Fuentes family's history in the Dominican Republic was and is historically distinguished and highly respected. History was made when these two men came together to realize a young man's dream.

Great quality and awesome flavor was fully realized by Levin in this series of sticks. The Ashton Sampler packages come in a pack of 5 or a pack of 10. The package of 5 is great to have when one is traveling, or to keep handy while sitting at your desk during the day, ready for you to reach in and grab one of your favorites. The pack of 5 includes the Sorcerer, Torpedo, Corona Gorda, Robusto, and the rare Belicoso No.1. This is what makes this brand such a grand pick for any novice or experienced smoker. The package of 10 include Heritage Puro Sol, Belicoso, Corona Gorda, Ashton Classic 8-9-8, The Aged Maduro, Virgin Sun Grown Robusto, Virgin Sun Grown Sorcerer, Cabinet #8, and the Pyramid. These sampler packages from this prestigious line are also a wonderful gift idea for any smoker in your immediate circle.

The Belicoso that is included in both of the Ashton Sampler packages is a very rare and not-so-easy-to-find stick. They wanted to make it easy and affordable for their elite consumers to have the luxury of smoking a rare gem. This particular stick was actually blended by Fuente using a Dominican long filler that has to age for up to five years before it is ready to be used in the creation of a masterpiece. The rare wrapper holding the Belicoso is grown in Ecuador, on a very secluded island that remains private today.

These Ashton Sampler packs are perfect for veteran smokers as well as those that have just begun searching for their new experiences. Perfect for carrying in your cigar tube to keep it fresh, or having it in your handy humidor to share with that business client or big boss that you want to impress, and believe me, Ashton will certainly impress them. Maybe you just want to be alone and enjoy the swirling sensations of the Ashton legacy, in any case, you will unfold the dreams that began this amazing rod.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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