Many aficionados consider the Arturo Fuente Opus X cigar to be the best in the industry.The Arturo Fuente Opus X cigar is considered by many aficionados to be one of the highest quality sticks in the entire industry. Every year this stogie continues to be one of the most sought after in the industry.


This stogie’s story began in the early 1990s in the Dominican Republic’s tropic river valley region. The island’s unique topography and wind patterns do not offer the proper climate to grow wrapper tobacco. This had prevented any company from ever rolling a completely Dominican cigar. Carlos Fuente Jr and the entire family were steadfast in their efforts to find a way to grow the first-ever Dominican wrapper leaf. The family selected and grew stunning Rosado leaves at the Chateau de la Fuente. Pairing the Rosado wrapper leaf with the island’s finest, vintage binder and filler tobaccos, the Arturo Fuente Opus X was born. It is considered to be the first, true Dominican puro.


The name Opus X was given to this stick because of the color and regal nature of the Rosado leaf wrapper. The line has released sixteen different vitolas since the nineties. The out-of-the-box aromas, construction, and the overall flavor vary slightly from one vitola to the next, but many aspects are similar for every shape. The flavor is hugely rich and robust and has a somewhat devilish nicotine kick. This is a stick of such power that it is recommended to eat something before indulging in this gem. 


This stick features the regal header-band used since the nineties and is cloaked in a cedar sleeve held in place by a striking red satin footer-band. The cedar sleeve covers just over two thirds of the stick. This way the triple cap and color of the exposed head can be inspected and admired. The color of the wrapper aged under the cedar is a lighter golden brown with a classic reddish tint. The wrap has no visible veins, but it features distinguished seams, attractive mottling, and a natural shine from dried tobacco sugars. There is some give when squeezed, but no soft spots, and it features an effortlessly pulled cold draw. The foot smells of sweet, earthy tobacco, cured fruits, and a rather heavy spice. The wrap has a bouquet of lemon grass and leather. The pre-light draw serves to accentuate the existing aromas and add a slight maple and caramel taste.  


The first third of the Opus X is bold from the beginning, with heavy tastes of mixed spices, and trademark Dominican sweetness. The spices that can be detected range from a soft hint of cinnamon to a hearty kick of red pepper. The spices here are only noticeable at the front of the drag and are replaced by a large, cooling bouquet of flavors on the retrohale. The spices are evenly matched by a rugged leathery taste, with an almost salted meat flavor. These are gently underscored by the tastes of cured citrus fruits, unsweetened mocha, and a very grassy, cedar taste. One of the most unique aspects of this fine cigar is the sweetness that lingers after the retrohale. Even towards the halfway point it’s the floral tobacco sweetness that dominates the cooling drag of this stogie. The second third of the burn deliciously presents the main tastes of heavy peppers and a salty, gamey, meat. Towards the final third of the burn, the tastes of the tobacco's sweetness and cured fruits nicely intermingle, to create a very cooling, dry taste of red wine. The gentle tastes of coffee bean and cocoa were detectable until the nub. The nub of the stick was the embodiment of irony. On one hand it is one of the spiciest nubs, but it is also one of the sweetest and coolest nubs on the market.

The burn of this stogie has contributed to its legendary reputation and strong following. The ash held in place for inches at a time. The burn line stayed straight and would correct itself, never requiring maintenance. The Arturo Fuente Opus X is the ideal cigar for any experienced aficionado desiring a rare glimpse into perfection, a powerful buzz, and a delicious full-bodied taste.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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