Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario Cigars Reviewers are raving about Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario cigars. It could be due to the tantalizing flavor profile or the aromatic tobacco. It could be because the tobacco is aged for before it is ever rolled into a stick. Then once the cigar is created, it is left in the aging room for two years. This lengthy process gives it time to develop a great flavor profile and it allows for the tobacco to ripen to the point that it has the fullest taste potential to offer the aficionado who lights the smoke. Perhaps it is a combination of all of this and so much more that makes this selection stand out among the many sticks that are available today.

As is expected of great smokes from this maker, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario cigars offer a Habano wrapper. They also have Dominican tobacco fillers. These are extremely rare as they are only offered in a limited edition. This means that there are only so many that are made each year. Because of their limited production, finding them is sometimes a rather difficult task. Even the box that they are offered in is exquisite, with some that come in their very own humidor.

This line was created for two reasons, one to honor thirty years of cigar making and the other to honor Don Carlos Fuente. His son describes him as his hero, and many in the industry would agree that his ability to both grow a great crop and hand roll a great smoke would put him in the epic category. The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario cigars are available in three sizes:

Robusto: 50 x 5 ¼

Double Robusto: 52 x 5 ¾

Toro: 48 x 6 ¼

Those that have reviewed these sticks have said that they offer exotic taste profiles such as Cardamom and Nutmeg. They also have a slight hint of pine to round out the taste notes. There is a fine note of a flavor that is similar to leather that allows for the rest of the profile to be quite smooth. Not only is the flavor profile fantastic but the complexity is that which isn’t found very often in other sticks. It has been said to be extremely strong as far as strength goes, making it a full bodied smoke. The reviewers all agreed that this was definitely worthy of being one of the all-stars in the industry. The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario cigars are worthy of their lofty status and scarcity.

This is an extraordinary offering and it is not for the faint of heart. This stick has been noted to be quite strong and hearty, making it a favorite of many aficionados. The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario cigars are everything that a good smoke is supposed to be and so much more. The industry is not too quick to give glory to those that do not deserve it, so it is only fitting that this line has earned the respect and admiration of all in the industry.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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