Cain Maduro is a great example of a Nicaraguan cigarOf all of the smokes on the market, some of those that are among aficionado’s favorites would be Nicaraguan cigars. In the debate that has raged on since the Cuban embargo of the 1960’s, many have argued that while nothing will ever take the place of a Cuban smoke, those produced in this up and coming country definitely rivals anything that has ever come out of Cuba.

Perhaps one of the reasons that Nicaraguan cigars sport such wonderful tobacco flavor and appeal is because the country is uniquely situated in an area that is prime real estate for growing tobacco. Many brands have become staples from this country such as Padron, Oliva, Rocky Patel, Montecristo and Don Pepin, just to name a few. Of course, it would be fair to mention that around the time that the embargo began, many of the Cuban tobacco farmers fled Cuba in search of a new land that would be just as productive, and this is how they found this country and how the world was first introduced to Nicaraguan cigars.

The Cuban farmers brought with them the precious seeds from their fields in Cuba. Others brought only their family name and began to grow and sell products under well-known Cuban brand names. They settled in the Esteli region of the country, which is the best place in the country for growing tobacco.

The country has weathered everything from dictatorships to hurricanes in recent years. Each time they rebound and begin again. Also gaining attention is the Jalapa region of the country. This area is near Honduras and is difficult to reach. The tobacco grown in this region is known for being much sweeter. It is considered one of the best parts of the country for growing tobacco.

Many people prefer Nicaraguan cigars because they are said to be a true competitor to Cuban smokes. As more and more people gain knowledge and wisdom in the art of tobacco growing, this country definitely has the potential to continue to produce some of the greatest tobacco products in the world.

The tobacco that is used in Nicaraguan cigars is generally described as being much more full bodied and hardier than tobaccos from elsewhere.

Maybe the biggest reason why these smokes are deemed to be the best is because they are produced in small amounts, for the most part. The tobacco is allowed to age and mature before it is rolled. Only the most select choices of leaves are used in their production. Quality comes before everything else in this country. Perhaps this is why many aficionados only want tobacco products from this region of the world.

Many reviewers have said that even if the embargo with Cuba was lifted and people were free to purchase their tobacco products, they would still insist on the tobacco that is grown in this South American country. That is a huge statement towards the greatness of this country’s ability to produce a product that is highly sought after and has received accolades from many in the industry. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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