Gurkha His Majesty's Reserve cigars are the world's most expensive cigars.The Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve cigars are known for their price. At $900 a pop, these sticks exude luxury and are definitely a statement smoke. Many of the company’s stogies are designed for royalty, celebrities and business moguls, making them a premiere status symbol in an industry that produces many of them. This blend is the prime example of the company’s focus on super high-end stogies and is, unsurprisingly, the most expensive stogie in the world. While the price tag will likely be beyond the reach of most aficionados, it is well-deserved.


There are only 75 boxes of the Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve cigars released every year. Each box comes with 20 stogies and all are infused with a bottle of the world’s most expensive cognac, Louis XIII Cognac. The cognac is produced by grapes harvested from the Grande Champagne region of France, a legendary area for cognac production. Each bottle of Louis XIII is filled with cognac that’s been aged for at least 40 years.


The smoke itself is wrapped with a Connecticut maduro that’s been aged for 15 years, and rolled with a Dominican binder and fillers that have been aged for 12 years with the Louis XIII. It is only available in a single vitola, a 7 1/2 x 52. The wrapper is the color of milk chocolate and has a little veining. The band is the company’s standard, with the iconic Gurkha soldier brandishing a kukri knife and the company name stamped in strong gold lettering. Reviewers who could get their hands on one of these stogies detected a combination of chocolate, leather and the deliciously infused cognac in the pre-light draw.


During the initial third of the stogie, the strongest flavors are some toasted nuts and the cognac. Reviewers also tasted some pepper and sweetness in the profile, but these remain in the background. In all, the cognac and nuts control the taste of the stick during the first third and balance off each other well.


In the second third of the Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve cigars, the cognac and nuts are said to be joined by some sweet chocolate notes and a punchy black pepper. Around the halfway mark, the toasted nuts fade out for the most part and shift into a tertiary role. The pepper and chocolate combination take control of the profile near the end of the second third, with the cognac playing a strong secondary part.


The final third of the smoke is more of the same, with the chocolate, pepper, nuts and cognac building a unique taste. The chocolate and cognac are the strongest flavors in the last third, with the pepper shifting to the retrohale and the nuts remaining in the background. Some reviewers also tasted some coffee and tea flavors, though they dart in and out.


This blend is truly an experience for any aficionado and offers the ideal combination of flavor and strength. It sits at a comfortable medium cigar in both categories and also performs extremely well, with a sharp burn and slightly snug draw. In all, $900 is a lot of money to spend on a stogie, but it’s an experience any aficionado will never forget!

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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