Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Cigar Sale

The Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 is the first stogie produced in the country of Nicaragua. The filler, binder, and wrapper are all from in-country. This smoke comes in a large assortment of vitolas. There are Robusto Grande sticks, measuring 5.5 X 52, the robusto Consul, at 4.5 x 52, the Machita, which is a petit coronoa at 4.75 x 42, the Gran Consul, which is a torpedo, at 4.75 x 60, the Belicoso, which is a torpedo at 6 x 54, the Magnum toro at 6 x 60, the Perfecto at 6.25 x 58, the Churchill at 6.875 x 48, and the Lancero long panatela at 7.5 x 38.

Back in the 70’s, this was among the preferred brands and was even smoked at the White House. Over time, this stick was formulated to have a mild flavor, but by tuning in to more recent market trends, the makers were able to come up with a more powerful version of the stick that has been meeting the current market demands from the modern smoker.

Pre-lighting, the solid construction of the Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 was noted by a reviewer as well as a firm draw. Tobacco and earth scents are noted from the wrapped smoke. One reviewer commented on one of the larger vitolas (the Gran Consul) regarding the fact that since the tip is tapered, if offers the smoker the opportunity of adjusting the size to preference. This reviewer commented on how this smoke had two notable regions and focused his review on the halves, instead of the more typical thirds.

The Consul was noted as having leather and floral notes. The gray ash lasted for about an inch and a half before falling.

Molasses is a flavor noted in a few places while reviewing the Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970.

These full-strength stogies have a burn that is mostly even, with self-correction of any hint of unevenness. Thinly veined, and even colored, this stick offers the smoker spice and pepper characteristics as well. With as many different sizes as this stogie comes in, nearly any smoker could find one in his perfect stogie size range.

There are surely many smokers who are grateful that the Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 was not extinguished forever during the reign of the Sandistas. Since it has been remade and done over, it has also surely gained a new following from smokers who might not have tried it with its past flavor or strength profile. It seems that this smoke may have plenty of new as well as plenty of old and faithful followers, and they can all take an opportunity to smoke the stogie that once graced the halls of the White House and was considered of high enough quality to even give out to guests there. Plenty of smokers have a go-to smoke which is a stick they choose when they cannot make a decision about which of the stogies in their humidors to choose. The Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 could likely fill this niche for a large number of smokers.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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