Anoranzas Cigars are medium smokes aficionados love.The Anoranzas cigars are produced out of Nicaragua by Miami Cigar & Company, a popular brand owned by Nestor Miranda that has been in operation since 1989. The name of the stogie translates to longing, or yearning, something akin to nostalgia. The company considers this stogie to be one that is smoked in solitude while reflecting on happy times gone by. To help encourage deep introspection, this stick produces a deep flavor profile that is worth analyzing.


The wrapper is a Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro, and both the binder and filler are from Nicaragua. It is available in four vitolas, including Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 52), Gran Toro (6 x 60) and Belicoso (6 1/2 x 54). The wrapper is a beautiful dark brown and is rustic in appearance, giving it a rough look that is by design. It has a thick sheen of oil and is a little rough in feel, pairing well with the rustic look. The band is larger than normal and is green, gold and white. It features the name of the stick boldly stamped in gold, reflecting a dignified look. The prelight notes are said to consist of some aged tobacco, nuts and hay.


The first third of the Anoranzas cigars begins with some subtle spice, nuts and black pepper. The black pepper is strong through the nose, flushing out the sinuses right away. A few draws in, the pepper calms down, and a citrus note joins the profile. Reviewers considered the first third to be extremely complex, and the citrus flavor only sticks around for a short time. By the end of the initial third, the citrus is gone completely and is replaced by a leather and wood pair. These two flavors soon become the dominant notes, with the spice, pepper and nuts moving into the background. The finish of what is noted as a very complex first third adds a slight cream taste to this cigar.


In the second third, the flavors merge somewhat, reducing the complexity of the profile but notching up its intensity. The leather and wood are still the dominant flavors, but they aren’t as strong in this part of the stick. The spice begins to fade out and the pepper washes it out, creating a good bit of heat. About halfway in, some reviewers detected saltiness in the profile, though it disappears by the end of the second third.


During the final third of the Anoranzas cigars, the pepper ramps up and the wood and leather notes become more distinct again, offering a three flavor mix. Aficionados also tasted some coffee flavors that have a slightly sweet flavor to them. The coffee increases in strength until the finish, which ends smoothly.


Though this Nicaraguan puro is medium in strength, it has a highly complex profile that can be difficult for inexperienced smokers to truly appreciate. For those with a developed palate, though, this stick is definitely worth enjoying!

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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