Angelenos Classi Cigars Angelenos Classic Cigars were introduced into this past time to salute connoisseurs worldwide. They were created for the enjoyment and intense pleasure that the aromatic flavors invoke when indulging in this amazing cigar. The sophisticated smoothness wrapped up in these delicious sticks will prove that this is one you don’t want to miss out on.

The Angelenos Classic Cigar is available in several different sizes, allowing you to take as long a journey as you would like. Four of the most popular favorites are the Double Robusto, Lonsdale, Robusto, and the Toro. The light brown wrapper has been touted as being very smooth to the touch, with no visible veins. They are not at all oily, with the construction of this stick simply being perfect to the naked eye. The wrapper is pure Ecuadorian, brandishing a Dominican binder and filler. The medium boldness it exudes is said to be out of this world.

It has also been said that immediately after this stick is ignited, there is a rush of spiciness that flows over the tongue. It brings forth a wonderful cedar background. There is a slight hint of floral notes during the entire first third of the stick, but the main flavor on the forefront is the spice. The second third has a cedar like dominance. The floral hue presses out with a hint of vanilla coming forth. It has a very creamy, yet spicy aroma, and takes your taste buds to places you could only dream of. The final third of the Angelenos Classic Cigar is slightly spicy, having creamy vanilla and floral notes blending together quite nicely. It is sophisticated, even to the connoisseur, and makes for a very unique taste and smoking experience. The dominating flavor of the cedar and leather flourishes during the halfway point. The flavor is not too bold, yet it is complex when the aroma swirls around your mouth, enticing you to take the next puff. Once you try one, you will make it your plan to anticipate this dream stogie whenever and where ever you can.

Angelenos Classic Cigars are not harsh or bitter at all, and they have a medium boldness that is quite electrifying to the palate. The electricity of the aroma fully satisfies, and the intensity desired by your palate, all the way down to the crescendo. The flavor bursts forth and makes the journey a wonderful one. The ash is firm and consistent throughout the entire smoke. This medium bodied stick has aficionados hoarding them in their humidors and tubes, just to make sure they have them on hand for later.

Remember too, that the Angelenos Classic Cigars make an amazing gift idea, and is also very cool to put into a gift basket. These come in handy for that business partner or friend that loves to relax while smoking a stogie. Some other items to put in this type of basket would include humidors, cigar cutters, ashtrays, and lighters. They even have apparel you can add to them. You cannot go wrong with a gift like this for your friends and colleagues.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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