Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve CigarThe Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve is a cigar that was greatly anticipated by connoisseurs all over the world. Fans of these smokes all agree that this may be one of the best offerings this company has ever made to the aficionados of the industry. They are made at the My Father factory.

The Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve offers a wrapper that is a Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. The binder is Nicaraguan as is the filler that is used. It is available in only one size which is a 6 ¼ x 52 vitola. These are produced in boxes that contain ten units, and they only produced 10,000 of these particular sticks.

Upon smelling the wrapper, immediately one is enveloped in the aroma of a woodsy note along with an earthiness like hay or grass. There is also a peppery cherry aroma as well. These are also noted on the pre-lit draw. This, of course, makes lighting it an anticipated event.

Upon lighting the Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve cigar, there is a peppery coffee taste that immediately greets the smoker. Rather than the type that is labeled black or white, this is more like a hot and spicy red peppery taste. This taste was so heated that it can be felt more so through the nose than on the tongue.

Once the smoker has gotten into the first third of the stick, there is a sugary taste that is more like a raw cane flavor. This flavor note gets stronger and pushes the initial tastes to the background for a while. However, these flavors work in harmony together to make a perfect union.

During the second third of the cigar, these flavors trade positions with sugar moving to the back and the peppery coffee taste coming back in as the primary. During the final third, the Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve kicked things up a notch with a very spicy note coming into play. While the pepper remained, it was the spice that dominated through the end of the smoke. It wasn’t a terribly harsh finish.

These smokes burn really well and have a great draw that was described as flawless. While the nicotine wasn’t overwhelming, it was present. This means that this cigar falls somewhere between a medium and a full bodied offering with the latter being the primary during the finish. The flavor notes were dominant as they came into play, and they were very distinctive at that time.

Whenever a smoke is hailed as not only a great product in its own industry, but it is described as being a work of art, then two things are immediately known; this is a great smoke and it is a Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve. A lot of the time, energy and effort go into picking the right tobaccos to serve as the fillers and wrappers. This is absolutely a shining example of great expertise and know-how coming together to produce something spectacular.

Reviewers all applaud this offering and recommend it as one of the newest and greatest sticks available today.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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