Black Label Trading Company’s (BLTC) Morphine is the first release from the company following their initial handful of releases, and it’s an interesting one. Overall, it’s the seventh release by James Brown’s new boutique, and while it maintains BLTC’s same high standards, it also throws in a couple interesting twists as well. Some aficionados have wondered whether or not the company would tail off after its first round of impressive blends. However, this stick should be an indication that not only is BLTC not slowing down, but it’s willing to take risks even after starting off with a bang.

The Black Label Trading Company’s Morphine comes with something that few cigars do; it has a double wrapper. It’s not a barber pole or anything else smokers have become accustomed to – it’s one wrapper placed on top of the other. The exterior wrapper is a Mexican San Andreas Maduro, and the interior wrapper is an Ecuadorian Maduro. The binder is a Nicaraguan Habano while the fillers are from Honduras and Nicaragua. Like the company’s other blends, this one is only available in a couple of vitolas, including a Corona (5 1/2 x 42) and Lancero (7 x 38). The stick has a dark chocolate appearance, with almost no visible veins or seams. It’s a clean looking wrapper that’s silky to the touch. The stick is double banded, and the primary band features the name of the company and a moth with a crowned skull in place of its head. The secondary band displays the name of the blend in cursive type. The cold draw produces a mix of black licorice, baker’s spice, and espresso notes, foreshadowing a darker smoking experience.

The first third of the stick launches with black pepper, mocha and the same black licorice flavor detected on the cold draw. To be clear the licorice is not a stand in for tobacco flavors, of which there are plenty. The licorice does feature prominently from start to finish, so it’s clear that BLTC wanted to make it a priority. However, it’s the mocha flavor that is the dominant note in the initial third, with the black pepper and licorice settling into the background. Some reviewers also detected the licorice on the retrohale, as well.

During the middle third of the Black Label Trading Company’s Morphine, the licorice flavor makes the jump to the front of the profile, pushing the mocha into the background. By the end of the middle third, the mocha notes drop out entirely, though the black pepper joins the licorice up front. 

In the final third of the smoke, the licorice and black pepper notes still control the profile, though the black pepper never quite catches up to the licorice in terms of strength. 

It’s a medium stick from start to finish, though the flavors are deep enough to give your palate a challenge. It’s also built extremely well, something that’s become expected from BLTC. And like the rest of the company’s cigars, it’s the kind of stick that will remind an aficionado why they love tobacco.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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