Electronic cigarette stores vary greatly in quality and service, but cigar shops are usually a cut above.Because the industry is still relatively new, there is no electronic cigarette store that exclusively sells alternative smoking devices. Only in the last several years have people begun using them in great numbers, so manufacturers have yet to open storefronts for their products. There are, however, several places they can be procured, including convenience stores, pharmacies, cigar shops and online sites. In most cases, it is best to shop for these devices at an electronic cigarettes store.  Because there are so many different brands available on the market, it can be difficult to compare them to one another simply by looking at the package.

Most manufacturers have an online electronic cigarette store where they sell the vaporizer, batteries and flavorings. This may work for a user that has a favorite brand, but people who are just getting into alternative smoking devices should shop at online cigar shops. These sites will have a greater variety and may be able to offer products that can’t be found anywhere else. Because the industry is so young, some manufacturers don’t have an online presence yet. Many of these companies partner with smoking shops to help gain visibility for their products, which are typically comparable to high-quality items already in the industry. Searching through these websites will increase the likelihood of finding a good deal on an underrated product.

An electronic cigarette store usually sells multiple brands or designs of alternative devices. They come in two major designs and are either known as two-piece or three-piece models. Two-piece models consist of a reusable battery and a disposable cartridge that contains the atomizer (or heating element) and the flavoring. Three-piece designs include a reusable battery, atomizer and refillable flavor reservoir. While some users prefer two-piece designs because of their convenience, the three-piece designs are usually better manufactured. They use more reliable and efficient atomizers and are not prone to the same manufacturing defects that can affect disposable cartridges. As the industry matures and improves its production lines, it will create fewer defective disposable cartridges.  However, until then, three-piece designs are much more reliable.

Another thing to look out for when perusing through an online e cigarette store is the company’s return policy. Most of these devices come with some kind of warranty that protects the buyer in case of malfunction. The standard warranty is one year, though some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Verify this through the online store before making a purchase, because this device should be considered an investment.

The ability to compare products to each other is one of the best things about shopping at an online electronic cigarette store. Consumers browsing these sites can quickly find the specifications they need out of an alternative smoking device. Among them should include the lifespan of the battery, which is typically measured in puffs per charge and charges per battery. The average battery life is between 200 and 300 charges at around 250 puffs per charge. Customizable nicotine levels, from no nicotine to extra heavy delivery, should be available with the unit.

Finally, it is important that the selected brand have many flavors that are compatible with the device. Most manufacturers produce a number of tobacco flavors.  Some also provide menthol, fruit, chocolate, spices and many other varieties.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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