Vapor Gen Electronic Cigarette Starter KitAn e cigarette starter kit often comes with the very basics needed to smoke and enjoy this rechargeable product. This alternative means to consuming nicotine is considered a safer way to smoke and enjoy the feel of nicotine without the deleterious effects. The e cigarette starter kit is an affordable way to smoke without harming one’s body and without disturbing others in public with the smell and presence of smoke. Another option many consider is the disposable type of e cigarette, a one use only smoking device found in corner stores and grocers alike. Both are viable options for the average smoker, depending on preferences and habits.

The e cigarette starter kit comes with the batter, vaporizer and cartridge, as well as a charger for the battery. The lithium battery connects to the atomizer, or vaporizer, converting the liquid nitrogen into a mist, which the user inhales. It is a no hassle method that allows one to enjoy the nicotine without the fire, smell of smoke and carbon dioxide. It also lacks the ash and tar of traditional tobacco products. These small devices are capable of being used repeatedly, lasting for several packs, and interchangeable for other flavors.

An e cigarette is comprised of three main parts: the lithium battery, a vaporization chamber and cartridge. The rechargeable product is something that the consumer must assemble in order to use, while the disposable e cigarette starter kit comes as one single instrument. The three parts are one piece, with an activation tab for easy use. A single cartridge contains a liquid called propylene glycol, which adds both flavor and nicotine. One can find these cartridges in numerous flavors, such as cherry, menthol, chocolate and coffee, as well as nicotine strengths. Throw away products compare to the rechargeable versions as a viable option for some people. Most last, at most, 400 puffs, which is equivalent to a pack and a half. On the other hand, while the rechargeable last considerably longer.

While each have their ups and downs, what it comes down to when deciding which to invest in is one’s personal preferences, financial capabilities and need for variety when it comes to smoking. For some, the best option is the disposable, while others would prefer to purchase the latter choice. Each are available online, as well as in stores, however the kit would likely be found at a specialty smoke shop, or tobacco shops, while the disposable device can be located in convenience stores, as well as the other locations. Each is an affordable and hassle-free option, with vast choices in flavors and strengths to suit any smoker.

A single e cigarette starter kit typically contains just the necessities: the cigarette, in all its parts, a charger and cartridge. A disposable version is the same, however. All its parts are in one piece, and the cartridge cannot be replaced. The disposable model will also not recharge, as it is meant to be thrown away after use. The choice is made based upon personal preference and price options. While some smoke enough for the rechargeable option to be a good choice, others would prefer to purchase one they can throw it away when they’re done.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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