Alec Bradley Prensado Cigar On SaleAlec Bradley Prensado cigars came out after the SCR and Tempus lines. The colorado maduro wrapper was noted as having a little bit of fairly unnoticeable veining. The head is somewhat flat with a triple cap that was well done. Many have commented on the great draw, and slow even burn—which are hallmarks of fine cigars. The ash held well as is common with well-constructed sticks, and was gray with black striations.

Before lighting, an intriguing leathery pungency has been noted as a prevailing flavor, layered with both sweet and peppery characteristics. Many reviewers have been impressed by the complexity of the flavor combination from the first touch of a cigar lighter. Smooth and full-bodied, it is known for its tasty chocolate or cocoa flavors after the first inch. The fading pepper and the fruity, sweet flavor turning minty made for an interesting combination. Farther into the smoke, the chocolate flavor of the Alec Bradley Prensado, was punctuated with a caramel accent, with just a hint of vanilla. After an hour of smoke time, this great stogie with a rare body grew stronger while retaining its smoothness and complexity. Surprisingly, this smoke did not have one particular sweet spot—the entire stick was one!

Another offering in this line is the Gran Toro that measures in at 6 x 54. The wrapper is Honduran Corojo, the filler is Honduran and Nicaraguan, while the binder is Nicaraguan Jalapa. Inspecting it, this Alec Bradley Prensado vitola has a nice sheen, while the pre-lit draw is dominated with a symphony of spice and cedar notes. After lighting, smokers first notice the ease of the draw as well as the delicious overall creaminess. The thick, billowing smoke and almost straight burn were so good that the slightly flaky ash was barely noticeable. Continuing the hour long smoke, there was more of the spice and cedar flavors, as it continued to be wonderfully creamy. Towards the end, the cream did fade a little into the background as the cedar increased.

The Robusto choice was reviewed as being smooth, with no more than moderate resistance, and the pre-lit flavor was marked by the taste of cocoa. The lit cigar had a relatively mild beginning followed by an increase in spiciness. The ash alternated distinctly between light and dark gray. The ebb and flow of the the spice in the Alec Bradley Prensado, which becomes mellower in the middle but then rides to prominence once again in the last third, can only be likened to a well-written symphony that ends with a mild peppery flourish. This is definitely one stick that cigar smoking buffs will want to put in their humidors.

Most aficionados were shocked at the quality of these reasonably priced smokes, and expressed dismay that it took so long for them to learn about the Alec Bradley Prensado line. Many folks are saying that this premium line is so well–priced that it just might change what many smokers are willing to pay for great cigars. Budget conscious smokers who have never before purchased by the box are doing so with the fabulous Alec Bradley lines because of the great pricing. Check the cigar shop of your choice to order yours today.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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