Alec Bradley New York Cigars For Sale Online!Made exclusively for the New York market, the Alec Bradley New York Cigars fulfill that celebrated empire state of mind. With a Honduran and Nicaraguan origin, this particular item gives the natives something to be quite proud of, boasting big flavor and a bold profile, it reflects much in the way of the city’s people itself.

The wrapper is a touch oily and has a shiny, reflective surface with the color variances looking as though they belong as well. The veins range from a few small, to some medium sized ones, but the body maintains its shape throughout with no major flaws of notice. Smelling the wrapper is a preview of the flavor profile to come, with earthy and woody tones to take in. Typical of the Alec Bradley New York Cigars, the foot has almost no smell at all other than a mild tobacco scent. It’s been described by many to have a somewhat ‘squishy’ feel throughout the body, other than the head which feels solid.

The draw is excellent, with just a smidge of resistance. On pre-light, the draw brings forth flavors of a mild, earthy bag, with some fruity tones accompanying. Reviewers stated that the ash holds on for about an inch, with the burn becoming wavy at times, requiring only a few small alterations.  

When it comes to the flavor profile of Alec Bradley New York Cigars, the palate doesn’t disappoint. The first third has a strong and bold nutty flavor with just a touch of wood. The reviews noted that it’s difficult to absorb any other flavors through the nose other than a slight spice. Certainly an indescribable sort of spice, it becomes overly mild towards the end of the burn, introducing a delightful hint of floral.

Those who tried it said the second third seems to pick up steam with the flavors. More noticeable than before, there is a smooth nuttiness intertwined with a bold spice. This package of flavors tends to linger in the aftertaste. A strong taste of cedar is up next, with some slight floral undertones coming in behind it. While cedar definitely dominates the overall flavor profile, at some moments it’s the nuttiness that really shines through.

The last third of the Alec Bradley New York Cigars keep the same flavors from the second, with a hint of cocoa joining the bunch. Though it seems odd to have that flavor absent from the first two thirds, it certainly tied everything together in the final third with a nice, full profile.

The consensus is a more varied opinion, with the majority claiming a lower medium to medium body overall. While the flavors are simple and may be a bit subtle, they are at times challenging. Alec Bradley New York Cigars seem a perfect companion to the morning coffee and jives well with both flavor profiles. Critics agree that the price point is a bit above what you would expect from other similar items. The help of a humidor and some resting time can dramatically help improve the flavors however, so it sheds some light on how well these particular sticks may age.  Otherwise, another solid output from a respected brand that should continue to appease local and imported markets alike.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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