Alec Bradley Fine And Rare CigarsIt is said that the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare cigars sports a name that really tells the story of just exactly what a smoker can expect from this line. The finest tobaccos and hard to find quality rollers define this smoke. It is available in one size, which is the 6” x 52 ring gauge Toro. It is one of those sticks that will linger in the memory of anyone who has ever had the pleasure of partaking of its grandeur.

One reviewer said that when he observed the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare cigar, he was shocked to find a flavor profile that was more unique than any other that he had ever tried. The reviewers all commented that the pre-light aroma was one that would tantalize the senses. Not to mention the flavor profile, once the stick was lit, included wonderful offerings such as flavor notes of fruity jelly and cold cut ham. In the background, there was said to be a taste of spice, wood, and a much defined sweetness that one reviewer likened to bubble gum flavoring.

Those who reviewed the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare cigar all agreed that this was an exceptional example of great tobacco taste. The filler tobaccos will not be disclosed by the company. They will only answer that seven different tobaccos make up the filler. The binders are dually combined from Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The wrapper originates from the Trojes farm in Honduras. The result is a completely unique type of blend that when bundled together delivers a one of a kind stick to the smokers who love a complex cigar.

Many reviewers of the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare cigars noted that there was toasted wheat with jam flavor notes that were present when the sticks were first lit. This flavor profile gave way to a vanilla and coffee taste through the first third of the smoke. Reviewers said that this third ended on a note that was full of a doughy mixture combined with a wood taste. The second third definitely began the party for the palates of the reviewers. The peppery flavor and the spice notes carried this medium-bodied smoke to the full-bodied level in this middle section. It then mellowed back to the flavor profile that was found in the beginning with the deli references and the spiciness being in the background.

It is possible that this is one of the greatest offerings from Alec Bradley Fine and Rare cigars, a company which was founded in 1996 by Alan Rubin. The company firmly believes that being concerned with mass production is not how a fine cigar should be made. They do, however, believe that staying focused on the production of an exceptional product for their consumers is their only priority. This attention to detail keeps them on the cutting edge in the premiere tobacco market. These smokes were one of two lines that were presented to the public in 2011.

This company has had a definite impact in the industry. Their quality tobaccos and blends have earned them a great reputation in this ever growing industry.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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