Alec Bradley Connecticut CigarsThe Alec Bradley Connecticut cigars premiered at the 2012 IPCPR trade show as an unexpected gift to aficionados. Alec Bradley kept the mention of this line top secret instead of announcing its release as is customary. Keeping this stogie vaulted created a boom of excitement around a surprise unveiling the opening day of the event. From unfaltering construction to a truly opulent aesthetic, it is no wonder why this cigar was the standout and created quite a buzz of conversation.

Alec Bradley Connecticut cigars are both the third line and third consecutive debut of Ecuadorian shades by the brand. The Company released the Maxx Connecticut in 2010 and the American Classic in 2011. Other brands would run into problems of an overcrowded line and lack of market for three productions of this nature. However, Alec Bradley excels by giving each a distinctly different blend. This stogie uses a luxurious Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper and Honduran binder. The filler offers an eccentric mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos. This line’s featured vitolas are a Nano 4½x42, a Robusto 5x50, a Toro 6x50, a Torpedo 6 1/8x52, and a Churchill 7x50.

The Alec Bradley Connecticut cigars boast a deep golden brown color without any visible veins. A few seams are expertly wound to a flawless triple cap. The sugary oils of the wrapper give the stogie a silky appearance. The wrapper gracefully emits the scents of sweet woodsy hay and rich earth. The cold draw tasted of sweet cedar and spices. The sweet woodsy and hay notes were carried into the first third and accompanied by an enjoyably powerful peppered nutmeg spice. These dominant flavors were slightly softened and complimented by a rich earth and cream note. Peppered winter spice would remain the key theme through to the end. During the second third a citrus profile crept into the background and joined the creamy profile. The sweeter notes following the woodsy hay taste seemed to begin trailing the citrus profile. These tastes created a tart tangerine crème background. This tangy dessert profile was the perfect side dish to earthy cedar and peppered nutmeg. During the final third the natural hay taste joined the citrus crème as a supporting note. The cigar ended with a commanding and expertly crafted spice that neither covered up nor conflicted with the complimentary tastes.

The quality of the Alec Bradley Connecticut cigars is equally apparent through the construction, draw, and burn. The nub remained as well constructed as the stogie, fresh out of the box. The end smoke never became hot or harsh due to the astounding triple cap. Both the burn temperature and rate remained exemplary during the smoke. The burn line stayed sharp behind a white body of ash that never flaked. This smoke also provided a brilliant mix of both classic and modern Connecticut shade characteristics. It provides a classic medium strength as well as a modern and bold full body. The thick plumes of cool, sweet smoke blend ideally with the milder flavors. The Alec Bradley Connecticut cigars offer a brilliant contemporary twist to a classic wrap that is sure to gain high praise from all aficionados, whether they are experienced or a novice.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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