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In Latin, TEMPUS means TIME.  The use of this term by Alec Bradley is deliberate, and intended to signify the importance of time in making one of the finest cigars.  Nothing is ever rushed in the creation of these fine and enjoyable smokes.  Everything is done methodically, and everything is done right the first time. 


Indeed, time is critical to everything in this process.  It takes al long time for tobacco to mature in the fields—but then again, that’s really the whole point.  It takes time for fermentation—another key ingredient to Alec Bradley flavor--to reach to reach the pinnacle of perfection.  It takes time for ingredients to age, and time for all the rich flavors of the tobacco to blend into one. 


Experience has taught the experts in this industry, and in the lives that we all live as aficionados of fine cigars, that time is the one thing we always seem to be running short of, and the one thing we strive to be grasping after.


The Alec Bradley Tempus was created to help us all make the most of the time we have—when we kick back at the end of the day to reflect on the time we have spent on this earth, and the time that all hope that we have left.


Alec Bradley Tempus originates in Honduras.  The company uses only 20% of the cigar rollers it produces in the creation of the actual Tempus brand.  Select tobacco that comes from a farm in the Trojes region of the country (located just north of the Nicaraguan border, is some of the best tobacco that comes out of Jalapa, Nicaragua.


Every cigar is rolled in traditional Cuban style.  Filler tobacco is used in the tubing, and a triple cap finishes the wrapper.  Five Cuban sizes are available in boxes of 20 each.  There are also a new unique shapes called Magistri. 


Alec Bradley's Family Blend

The Bradley Family Blend Cigars is made to accommodate the tastes of the fathers of the company’s three principal owners, Alan Rubin (President), Ralph Montero (Vice President), and George Sosa (National Sales Director).  It is available only in one size.  Every cigar is rolled into a 50 x 5 ½ Robusto shapes that is capped with a classic Cuban pigtail at the head.  It is made in a handsome chest of 50 cigars that bears the signatures of the owners.  This blend creates a medium-bodied, creamy-smooth, and very full-flavored aroma.


Alec Bradley Maxx cigars are very large, full bodied, and great to the taste.


Alec Bradley's Select Cabinet Reserve

The Cabinet Reserve has been created from mid and upper priming tobaccos that are handpicked to make a rich and balanced SCR line.  Alec Bradley's Select Cabinet Reserve cigar offers you smooth, bold flavors that come from the fertile tobacco farms of Honduras and Nicaragua. Its limited yield and dark caramel colored wrapper, adorns a skillful choice of premium leaves from the valleys of Central America that results in a perfect union of balance and flavor.



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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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