Al Capone Cigars

Al Capone cigars are actually cigarillos.  They are named after the notorious Chicago gangster of the 1920s.  They are said to be short on stature, but very long on flavor.  Al Capone’s also give the smoker on the go the best bang for a buck.  They are quick, inexpensive, and sweet to the taste.  Serious Cigars offers both filtered and non-filtered versions. 


Al Capone Cigars are available in sweets with and without a filter and also in rum flavor.

Al Capone cigars are ideal for the smoker who is looking for a sweet, super quick, cigar on the cheap.  Al Capone cigars taste excellent and smell very good.  With a mild


Al Capone cigars are medium to full-bodied; these short smokes are comprised of Nicaraguan and Brazilian short filler leaves wrapped in sweetened Bahia wrappers. Available in either rum or cognac, Al Capone cigars make the perfect getaway cigar when you are low on time.


Al Capone cigars originate from Nicaragua.  The filler comes from the Condega, Jalapa and Estelí regions of Nicaragua.  The completed product is a full-bodied smoke that has a slightly sweet but smooth flavor. The leaves are afterward wrapped in sweetened Bahia wrappers.  The Bahia wrapper creates a very distinct aroma and lends the Capone a very special flavor and


Al Capone cigars were originally made in Germany.  However, as we have already noted, they are made by hand today in Estelí Nicaragua.   Today’s version is a 1996 continuation of the German original, and continues to earn high ratings among cigar smokers around the world


There are two basic flavors that smokers can select: Rum and Cognac. Both Rum and Cognac Al Capone cigars have been carefully dipped in the respective liquors indicated by their names.  Both of these cigars can be found purchased in filtered slims and non-filtered versions.  Even better, both Rum and Cognac lines can be obtained as either slims or sweets.


Many smokers like the non-filter cigars because they offer an extra bit of flavor for those looking for a quick smoke on the go.  The filtered equivalents have a milder taste and are also a favorite quick smoke by busy people on the go.


There is little that an Al Capone Cigar leaves to be desired.  It is characterized by a medium-bodied flavor that is just right for a smoke on a short break.  At the same time, there is always a sweet taste to any Al Capone.  The Sweets have an extra bit of flavor for those that want to truly seek pure pleasure in a quality cigarillo. 


Because of the rather quick burn time of Al Capone cigars, and their relatively short size, these fine quality cigarillos are best enjoyed during short breaks, while travelling from place to place, or at the end of a meeting before one returns to the office. 


Consider an Al Capone as a daytime moment of pure enjoyment and rich flavor anytime you have just a just enough time on your hands to take a break from the world and enjoy great flavor, great smoke, and a moment to yourself.


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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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