AKA Nth Degree Absolute Cigars Online For SaleWhen looking for a crowd-pleasing stogie, look no further than AKA Nth Degree cigars. With a blend of three different tobaccos aged for four and five years, and a medium-bodied finish, these smokes create a pleasing bouquet of flavors that dance across the palette.

The AKA Nth Degree cigars are handcrafted in the Davidoff Factory in Danlí, the cigar capital of Honduras. The company is American and the creators seek to create quality stogies that offer fun, and excitement. Considered a “boutique” company, they are able to experiment with different blends of tobacco to create unique flavors and smokes. Like the microbrewers of beer, their stogies are experimental, fun, and each batch is never quite the same as the last. This lack of uniformity creates an adventurous smoking experience and results in a rare personal touch.

Find AKA Nth Degree Perpetual Cigars SaleThe AKA Nth Degree Cigars are the company’s first Maduro offering. They come in six different shapes and sizes: the Apex (4.5 x 42), the Pinnacle (6 x 44), the Infinite (5.5 x 50), the Eternal (7.25 x 50), the Perpetual (6.5 x 54), and the Absolute (60 x 6).

Hand-rolled and wrapped in broadleaf Maduro tobacco that is grown in Mexico’s San Andreas Valley, the wrapper is velvety chocolate brown in color. It has some medium-sized and small veins running throughout the wrapper. Reviewers describe the construction as good and firm, with the seam visible in some areas. They also loved the contrast of the double bands of light blue and silver with the chocolate colored wrapper. The chocolate hue is a good hint to the delicious flavors the stogie presents on the first draw – notes of sweet chocolate mocha.

Buy AKA Nth Degree Eternal CigarsAficionados describe the stick’s first third as medium-bodied with hints of earthiness blended with coffee and chocolate
. There is a pleasant aftertaste of nuttiness combined with the chocolate and coffee flavors. Smokers also note a great smoke output and excellent ash production.

In the second third, some of the sweetness subsides while a deep woody flavor intensifies. Some describe it as oak with hints of black pepper and leather. The impressive smoke production and firm ash persists– a testament to an exceptionally hand-rolled stogie.

In the last third, the woody flavors disappear while the coffee and chocolate flavors remain. Some reviewers taste a hint of bread while smoking this final section, while others describe it as charcoal. The burn line is slightly jagged, but the ash reportedly holds firm until the first band is removed.

Find AKA Nth Degree Apex Cigars Reviews OnlineMany reviewers affirm that the AKA Nth Degree cigars are complex smokes that are top-notch in construction, quality, and flavor.  They love the slight resistance to the draw and describe it as “perfect!”

These are low maintenance stogies that do not need constant touching up or attention
. All things considered, they are extremely pleasurable to smoke. AKA Nth Degree cigars are stogies smokers keep coming back to, aficionados claim, because there is always a new flavor or note to discover each time they light one up. From the novice light body smoker to the full body aficionado, everyone will enjoy this stogie for its subtle hints and flavorful notes.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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