AKA Cigars For SaleAKA Cigars For SaleAKA cigars are here to let all of the other companies know that The United States can play the cigar game too. The average smoker doesn’t pay that much attention to where the product was made, but enthusiasts have stayed away from USA made tobacco products in favor of Cuban products. No one can deny that Cuba distributes fine smokes, but the American Kick Ass cigar is proving that they produce a great product, but they can even raise the bar. It is like they have taken all of the ingredients and qualities that other companies are known for and improved them. This cigar is currently  being produced by this American company at the Camacho Factory in Danli, Honduras.

Consumers do not have to look very hard for the differences between these and other products. It starts with the wrapper. They have what is called a “hybrid” wrapper that is a special mix of Cuban and Cameroon Corojo seeds. This perfect blend took several years to get just right. The uniqueness does not end there, though. This rare wrapper is aged for 5 years to enhance the flavor. This sets the AKA Cigars apart from its competitors. Making their smokes like this keeps the consumers coming back for more. The tobacco is packed and rolled very tightly which benefits it in many ways including giving it a smoother draw, perfect burn line, and ashes that hold together and do not fall unexpectedly.

From the very first puff, the consumer can tell that this is not something they have tasted before. Along with the wrapper, the American Kick Ass cigar has a flavor all of its own. It starts off with a small burst of white pepper that can be felt the whole way through. The spice diminishes slightly to allow a roasted coffee bean taste to come to the forefront. The consumer can also taste a tiny bit of an earthy flavor along with everything else. At the middle of the smoke, there is a nice variety of flavors found. The spiciness of the white peppers is now mixed with a hint of cinnamon and cayenne. At the close of the cigar, consumers are satisfied with a nice smooth taste with the finale being of citrus and white pepper. This is truly an experience that cannot be duplicated by any other company in the tobacco market today.

In a market dominated by foreign companies and products, the AKA cigars are making a name for themselves. This company is taking the business to new heights by setting itself apart from others, and putting quality before quantity. Consumers from all over have come to expect nothing but the best from them. Being an American company means something to us that live here, and thanks to this company, it is beginning to mean something to the rest of the world. The company was tired of seeing all of the good products come from other parts of the world, and decided to show off that American pride and make a product that is hands down better than all the rest.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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