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The very first cigar factory was constructed in the Netherlands in 1826.  Unlike other European governments that tried to control cigar manufacture, the Dutch let cigar makers pursue their trade unregulated.  The cigar industry was quickly spread over Europe, but it remained prominent in the Dutch province of Brabant.

In 1873, Agio Cigars was founded.  Today, it is the sixth largest cigar company in the world.   That is quite a lineage, considering that the entire cigar industry is not much older than that. 

There are many different lines of Agio cigars.  These cigars are made from some of the best tobacco grown in Indonesia, Brazil, and Cuba.  Agio cigars are very short that are good if you are looking for a relatively quick burn.  The most popular brands appear to be the Mehari brands, which are smoked in over 100 countries around the world.

Different Mehari brands go well with different things.  Some work very well with fine wine or stout liqueurs.  If you enjoy vodka, try the original Mehari Java, which has been famous throughout the world since 1976.  Java tobacco is frequently used to wrap Dutch cigars.  It is rather unique because it is not grown on plantations.  It is grown by private Indonesian farmers on small tracts of land.  It has a good flavor for those who prefer not to drink alcohol, being an ideal compliment to cold espresso or Chinese tea.

Others Agio Cigars, such as the Mehari’s Equador, taste better with beer or light wines.  The light-colored wrapper of the Mehari Ecuador gives it a very distinctive, yet also very mild flavor.  It is grown under cheesecloth to prevent exposure to direct sunlight. 


Still others smokers want a more exotic flavor with a strong aroma.  Mehari’s Brazil, for example, is an exotic Agio Cigar whose plants are grown in the open air and the high sun.  To add a unique, exotic flavor to the tobacco it is fermented for 3 to 8 months to give it a more aromatic taste and dark color.  This is a good cigar to smoke with your favorite brandy, cherry liqueur, or firm red wine.

In recent years, aromatic Agio Cigars have become highly popular with some people.  Individuals who are new to cigar smoking tend to favor them because they like the smell.  Both nonfilter and filter versions exist of these aromatic cigars exists.  Filtered cigars are rather unique, to say the least. 

These cigars taste great with teas, sweet liqueurs, or with any vodka drink.  The Sweet Orient line has been made with a Java wrapper that makes it fragrant and delicious.  It has a noticeable, yet mild flavor that is just right for the beginning cigar smoker just starting down the aficionado road. 

If you would like a more robust flavor, then mini Mehari’s Mocca combines the flavor or Arabica with Robusto coffee.  The harmonious balance between the two ingredients gives the Mehari Mocca a very different taste that has come to be adored by coffee and Ameretto drinkers.

If you love Caribbean dreams that are brought on by rum and tequila, you may want to get a box of Mini Mehari’s Dominicans.  Dominicans are especially made from Dominican Olor tobacco that has been carefully selected for its rich, aromatic blend.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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