Aging Room Quattro F55 CigarThe Aging Room Quattro F55 Cigar has a bold taste that is super rich and provides a very thick smoke. Those who reviewed it said the unique taste of cedar with a small tingle of pepper makes this stick one that is truly unique in this flourishing market. Although it starts off with a peppery taste lingering on the palate, a caramel-like flavor begins to emerge as the aficionado gets further into the smoking experience.

A unique feature that reviewers noted was that unique flavors continue to emerge throughout the duration. What had started out as robust flavor notes soon mellowed out with a smooth cream and espresso like flavor that was said to be absolutely delightful. Advertised as a medium to full flavored offering, the Aging Room Quattro F55 cigar definitely leans more towards the full flavored end. Its thick smoke and strength may lead the novice to take a break here and there, but those appreciate a bolder stick are loving this one.

The beautiful Sumatra wrapper contains 100% Dominican grown Habano seed tobaccos, which is proving to be a delightful combination. The stick appears to be rounded at three of the corners and has a unique box shape, and this unique shaping seems to have a part in why the smoke is so thick and fills the mouth will a powerful flavor. The wrapper is light brown in color and fairly smooth to the touch. It has a few veins which run up and down, but nothing too pronounced. Before the Aging Room Quattro F55 Cigar is lit, it was described as giving off a taste that is comparable to dry baking spice. The flavor of the pre-lit draw is so diverse, it is pleasing aficionados and getting them excited about the experience they are about to have.

The Aging Room Quattro F55 Cigar offers an exemplary performance and burns just as well as it smokes. The burn was described as slow and smooth, while producing a light colored ash. The slow burning allows the aficionado to really enjoy the experience, savor the different flavors and not feel any type of rush during the smoking experience. Some who have offered reviews say it retains much of its flavor when put out and then re-lit, so it easily offers more than one smoking experience. Some prefer the stick as soon as it is purchased, while others say it offers a better smoking experience when it has aged a bit in their personal humidor. It was also said that when the stick is very fresh, it will have a much stronger flavor, but some feel this strong flavor is almost a bit too much. By letting it rest for a time before smoking it, the stick gives more of a subtle smoking experience without compromising any of its palate pleasing taste.

Overall the Aging Room Quattro F55 cigar offers a very pleasant smoking experience that is considered to be one of the best released from the company so far. Some smokers stated that this cigar is the best choice for those who enjoy a bold, unforgettable smoking experience. This stick has received a great response from those that shared their smoking experiences.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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