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Adrian’s Cigars are Fine Costa Rican Cigars.  They were started by an American who attended the University of Costa Rica in the late 1990s.  While studying there, he toured many tobacco plantations, and after experiencing the flavor of Costa Rican tobacco firsthand, fell in love with it. 


Several blends were then created, and the company was launched in 2008.  Adrian’s cigars are all handmade in Costa Rica, and they are brought into the United States by a chain of retail stores in Central, Texas.


Adrian’s Costa Rican Puros are made from carefully selected tobacco that has been aged for over 7 years.  They are hand-rolled at just the right time that is needed to capture the very best character and flavor of the tobacco.  Adrian’s Costa Rican Puros have been specially designed with a compact ash that burns evenly, so relighting is never necessary. 


The tobacco that is used in making Adrian’s cigars is grown in two different regions of Costa Rica.  One of these regions is in the Mountains of Pursical.  The other region is located in the Southern Zone of the country known as Perez Zeledon. 


Adrian’s cigars have a fantastic taste that is a quick love for both new cigar smokers and veteran smokers alike.  The care taken in growing, curing, and hand-rolling these masterpieces certainly pays off.   One of the more noticeable qualities that anyone will very quickly notice when looking at one of these cigars is a very minimal veins in the wrappers compared to the wrappers of other hand-rolled cigars.  These wrappers give off a much stronger aroma and contribute to a forming smoother more even burn lines.


The wrappers are not grown in Nicaragua, however, but instead are grown in the shade fields of Ecuador.  Ecuador has long been known as an ideal area of the world for growing the most excellent wrapper leaves.  Ecuadorian tobacco leaves are renowned for both for their elasticity and special aroma.


There are a several specialized blends that are made by Adrian’s cigars.  The Connecticut shade wrapper burns very cool and slow and it gives a very easy draw with crisp ashes.  It features a mild to medium flavor.  Smokers love it for afternoon smokes or smokes before dinner.  It is also very aromatic as well so is a good way to unwind down to evening before bed.


The Havana 2000 (Criollo) Wrapper is very sweet when it is first lit up.  It offers the smoker a medium to full-bodied flavor.  One of the more interesting things about this Adrian’s cigar is that it gets stronger as it burns without becoming too strong. 


The Maduro Wrapper has been called a sexy, dark, and robust blend of a cigar.  It is by far the strongest blend in both flavor and strength.  This is a favorite after dinner or late night cigar for the serious smoker.  With an extra ligero aged to five years for an additional punch, the rich flavor and taste of the Maduro Wrapper can quickly replace a favorite with a new, but already classic tasting blend.


Quality matters to Adrian’s Cigars.  Every cigar is carefully, visually inspected, measured, and then weighed for quality assurance.  No cigar ever ships if it does not meet the strict QA requirements of Adrian’s Cigars. 


Our Main Cigar store is located in Houston Texas, however we also service all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX DFW, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, Norfolk VA , Madison WI.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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