Personal Humidors For TravelBoth the casual smoker and those new to the scene will find a personal humidor the perfect addition to their smoking paraphernalia. This investment, no matter what the size, is a necessity for tobacco in any form. From storage to additional aging a high quality personal humidor has many benefits to be considered. To utilize one will assist in creating a satisfying smoking experience in the end.

This type of cabinet or box is obtained to stow cigars and keep them fresh. They maintain an interior humidity and temperature that will remain constant, ensuring the inventory of smokes continue to have the ultimate amount of freshness and flavor. Tobacco and thus cigars are extremely susceptible to any temperature fluctuation. Without the correct and consistent amount of humidity an entire stogie collection can go bad. The proper components give off this dampness through a process of evaporation and diffusion. Preferably the relative level of moisture should be between 62 and 72%, with it never reaching a level higher than 75%. It is important to not allow a surplus of open space within the unit as the larger the space the more of a chance the moisture levels will be negatively altered.

This piece of smoking equipment is available in various sizes, both big and small. There are the walk-in room units for stores or serious aficionados all the way down to the travel size that enable smokers to transport their sticks throughout their adventures. The most frequently obtained size is the personal humidor due to their lack of space required to store the unit. They vary in size as well, from a table top style to the portable type. They are rather reasonable in size and an ideal option for the average smoker or those that purchase a larger amount of smokes to enjoy over a longer period of time. The standard version can store upwards of 60-70 cigars. A table top style can be larger depending on the needs of the owner with capacity being over 100. On the other hand, the travel variety can also be utilized for individual use and is great for the frequent traveler or the social smoker on-the-go. Although this style can also range in dimensions with some fitting in a pocket, they frequently hold between 10 and 30 sticks.

Just as a personal humidor can vary in size, they can also differ in what they are constructed of. While a pocket style may have a leather exterior, the majority the larger models are made up of a wood shell that acts as a shield for the interior sealed space. Characteristically, the inside is finished in a Spanish-cedar wood veneer due to the job it can provide for the contents. This type of material retains moisture, adds to the smell of the smokes, repels the beetles that can commonly invade a supply, and does not warp from the dampness it is up against.

Prior to purchasing a personal humidor for a home or office, it is important to determine the necessary aspects needed to get the most out of the investment. The one chosen should be based on how many cigars it will hold, the amount that will be continuously stored, and the space available to display it. From local cigar shops to online suppliers, there are many avenues to explore when looking to acquire this equipment. Nevertheless, to own one will guarantee that all tobacco on hand is at its freshest and will provide a superior smoking experience, no matter how long it has been safely stored away.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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